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Attractions Near Nairobi

Nairobi is the most visited and an easy favorite from among the Kenyan cities. This cosmopolitan city, the third largest in the entirety of Africa, sees the most concentration of tourists all year round. It has one of the thriving economies in Africa and features plenty of entertainment opportunities for its visitors. Whether you are a frenzied shopper, an art deco fan or a safari enthusiast, you will not find the city wanting. There are also plenty of attractions in the surrounding areas of Nairobi that are only a few hours drive away.  

Kenya is the perfect choice if you want to experience the best of what Africa has to offer. The continent’s famed landscape of wild beauty, rich diversity and fantastic animal sighting opportunities are within easy reach wherever you are in the country.

The city is surrounded by some of the finest nature reserves and national parks in Africa. The most famous of which is the Masai Mara National Reserve, just six hour drive away. Its rolling savannah grasslands and incredibly diverse wildlife translate to the best African experience imaginable.

If you have seen the movie ‘Out of Africa’, all that natural splendor shown on screen and so much more awaits at Masai Mara. Any time is a great time to visit the area but for a more mind-blowing experience, schedule your visit around the latter part of June, during the Great Animal Migration. The arrival of almost two million animals galloping at full speed is a spectacle you cannot soon forget. Watch from a hot air balloon high in the sky for an incredible panoramic view of such an extraordinary sight.

The indigenous tribe of Masai are the overseer of the national reserve. Get a glimpse of their colorful and proud heritage at the Masai Village where visitors are treated to visually inspiring performances of traditional music and dances.

Watch for herds of gigantic elephants – Amboseli’s superstars. Hippos and various species of birds are permanent residents in the marshes of Africa and this park is no exception. There is also a large number of grazers in the area and you can easily spot giraffe, gazelles and zebras lounging around. See how close you can get before they amble away.

The vast plains of Amboseli National Park against the backdrop of the mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro is another remarkable sight to behold after about four hours driving from Nairobi. You want to visit Observation Hill to get a picture perfect view of the park’s picturesque vistas.

The nearest national park to Nairobi, just a short two hours drive from the city center, is Mt. Kenya National Park which is the home of Mt. Kenya, Africa’s second highest peak. This is a favorite hiking destination for visiting enthusiastic trekkers and hikers. It offers one of the most picturesque climbs in Africa with its verdant forests, beautiful lakes and floating icebergs. It is also home to some of the most diverse concentrations of plant and animal population which makes it a perfect spot for wildlife sightings, nature tripping and outstanding photo opportunities.

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