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Daycare branding tips

Before your begin planning for your marketing campaign, you need to first evaluate the impression that your customer and prospects have of your daycare.

Does it come across to your daycare prospects that your daycare business is well managed, reliable and successful? Do your daycare customers and prospects receive a consistent message each time or is the message different each time a new marketing material is produced?

A well-managed brand will create a strong emotional connection with your daycare customers and prospects. Having a strong emotional connection with your daycare prospects and customers will help foster brand loyalty. And a well managed brand can only happen if the customers continuously receive a consistent message. Here are a number of touch points that you should be looking at to ensure consistency of branding.

Advertising and sales materials

Advertisements – newspaper, magazine, TV, radio, phone books, community publication

Website of your daycare centre

Direct mailers and flyers



Printed materials e.g. curriculum, letters to parents, contact sheet, etc.


Entrance to the door of your daycare centre


Daycare centre displays





Business cards


Logo items

School uniform

Any other things that carry the logo e.g. corporate gifts and giveaways that you give to your daycare prospects and customers

Here are some questions you should be asking when reconciling your daycare’s brand strategy and the current image that is projecting:

Does the communications fit the image that you are projecting?

Does the communications look alike or do they look like they come from 5 different daycares. Are the following consistent Рcolours, illustrations, images used, typeface / fonts, layout, messages, copy style, logo 

Does your communications appeal to your customers?

Your daycare marketing message competes with every other communication that bombards your daycare customers and prospects each day. You need to ensure that your daycare customers nad prospects are receiving just one or maximum messages from you throughout rather than a different message each time. Isolate and update communications that are outdated or wrong.

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