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Veterinary Training – A Qualification In High Demand

If you excel at the sciences and love animals then you should consider exploring veterinary training and becoming an expert in animal care. This is a field where not only can you help improve the quality of life for animals but you can be well rewarded financially for your

Veterinary scientists and veterinary technologists/technicians are in high demand. This should come as no surprise. Millions of people In the US and Canada love their pets and are willing to spend good money to see those pets in the best of health.

But it may come as a surprise to you that the the skills learned in veterinary training are not just applied to animal care. As a matter of fact, research breakthroughs in diseases affecting animals have been applied to human medicine. After all, many diseases affect both
animals and humans.

It takes a special personality to become a veterinarian. It is a given that you need to be compassionate and patient when dealing with animals. But you also need to have a strong constitution to handle the sight of bloody animals. You need to be able to make the tough
decisions – deciding that it is best to euthanize an animal rather than trying to treat it.

You should also be interested in understanding animal behavior, habits and the physical systems that they have. You need to be physically fit to be able to lift and restrain animals as well.

Not to mention the academic requirements you need to have. For entry into the veterinary science degree program, you need to excel at the sciences and mathematics.

Another way to demonstrate you early commitment to veterinary training is to get volunteer with your local animal shelter or vet. In fact, it is critical to being accepted into veterinary college that you show that you are committed to animal welfare outside of school as well as inside.

Prior to entry into the doctor of veterinary medicine program (DVM), you need to ensure the program is appropriately accredited. There are not many colleges in the US that offer accredited veterinary degrees. Neither can veterinary science training to be done online. So be careful of schools claiming to offer online DVM programs.

If you feel that veterinary training is not for you, consider doing a certificate in any of the various aspects of animal care. For example, you could do a certificate in dog obedience training or pet grooming.

These in general won’t pay as well as having veterinary training. However if you manage to provide obedience training or pet grooming services to an affluent clientele – you can make serious money.

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Nurses Are in High Demand Due to A Severe Shortage

by mliu92

The aging of the population combined with the current and projected nursing shortage is creating a huge demand for nurses across all practice areas. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there will be a need for one million additional nurses by the year 2010 which means that demand will far outweigh supply if current conditions continue.  And this trend is creating an exciting opportunity for anyone looking into a nursing career – especially those looking for a career change.

The nursing shortage stems from a few key factors:

The aging of the nursing workforce with retirement of many expected over the course of the next 10-15 years.
The severe drop-off of enrollment in nursing programs across the country. A key factor here is a shortage of nursing faculty which resulted in over 40,000 qualified candidates being turned away from nursing programs in 2007¹.
The expansion of nursing services outside of hospitals, to include long-term care facilities, outpatient surgery facilities, community health centers, home care services, and corporate health divisions.
The decline in overall retention rate of nurses. Many nurses are leaving the field due to the increased stress levels they are experiencing in carrying heavier patient loads than they feel adequately able to care for. In the March-April 2005 issue of Nurse Economic$ , Dr. Peter Buerhaus and colleagues found that over 75% of nurses feel that the nursing shortage is negatively impacting the quality of their work life and patient care.

What this means in terms of career potential is that there has never been a better time to become a nurse, particularly for those graduating from a bachelor’s level program. Along with highly attractive salaries come the added benefits of long-term career stability and enhanced working conditions. With regard to salary, The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the median annual earnings of registered nurses were $ 52,330 in 2004, while the middle 50 percent earned between $ 43,370 and $ 63,360, and the lowest 10 percent earned less than $ 37,200, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $ 74,760. As many nurses also earn shift differentials and overtime pay, salaries are often higher than the reported base.

Another important development within the profession is that nurses are being given much more responsibility and autonomy than in times past which has resulted in a greatly enhanced image of the role both within and outside of the medical community. Aside from direct patient care other career paths for nurses with a bachelor’s level education include research, administration, and management. One area where there is great need is for nursing school faculty. As noted above, the shortage of qualified nursing faculty throughout the country is significantly impacting the ability of these schools to recruit and enroll students. U.S. nursing schools declined over 40,000 qualified candidates from baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs in 2007 due to insufficient number of faculty, clinical sites, classroom space, clinical preceptors, and budget constraints.

Finally, there is greater availability of loans, grants and scholarships, along with special programs to assist disadvantaged students in meeting the financial obligation of college attendance.

The nursing profession has never been more pivotal in meeting the future healthcare needs of an aging population. For those seeking to enter the profession it is a time of incredible career opportunity offering many professional as well as personal rewards.  For more information on nursing careers and the availability of nursing jobs, visit our career center at MatrixMJ.com.

¹  As noted in a report issued by the American Association of Colleges Of Nursing (AACN) titled 2007-2008 Enrollment and Graduations in Baccalaureate and Graduate Programs in Nursing.

Kristie McDonald is a former HR Director and now Vice President at Matrix Medical Jobs – an innovative and revolutionary job board designed to help nurses, allied health professionals and physicians improve and expand their careers. Please visit MatrixMJ.com for Nursing Career Advice and Nursing Jobs.