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A look inside Houston’s new pet resort and doggie daycare | HOUSTON LIFE | KPRC 2

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Doggie Daycare

Some cool daycare images:

Doggie Daycare
Image by Thomas_H_photo

Daycare Dogwalker – Cocada e Mia
Image by Dogwalker Brasil
Cocada e Mia

luau at runemragged
Image by jencu

Pico preparing to go to doggie daycare

Some cool daycare images:

Pico preparing to go to doggie daycare
Image by tv42
She might get better treatment if she’s extra cute, right?

Emma and Alice
Image by edenpictures
Best friends at Little Missionary.

Choosing the Best Doggie Day Care – Do Your Research

Just like selecting a day care provider for your child, selecting a doggie day care for your canine friend is a huge decision. It doesn’t matter if your dog is going 1 day or 5 days a week, you need to be familiar with the staff and daily operations of the day care center. The concept of doggie daycare has become a real popular business venture over the past few years, so many of them have started to pop up all over the place. You just want to be sure that you are dropping your dog off to a reputable place.  

One thing that you must demand in a day care is that there is a certified trainer on the premises at all times. A good owner will want to use that as a selling point. You don’t want to drop your dog off to a place where it isn’t getting challenged. Even if you work with your dog each day, training them, you could lose a whole week worth of work by dropping them off to a place that just lets the dogs run wild.  

You should also visit the place twice, once announced and then unannounced. Your first visit you should make an appointment. Take a tour of the place and ask a lot of questions. You want to be sure that they have access to a vet. Check the cleanliness of the place as well. The next visit you should just “stop by”. Does it look the same way it did when you went for your appointment? The thought process is that anyone can look to be running a reputable business if they know someone is coming. The real test is what it looks like when they don’t expect visitors. If it looks the exact same way it did during your announced visit, then you might have a winner.  

While many non-dog lovers might think that this is crazy, dog lovers know that they are part of the family and should be treated as such. Once you find a good doggie day care, you will have peace of mind dropping your fury friend off each day.  

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Fun at the doggie daycare

Check out these daycare images:

Fun at the doggie daycare
Image by pvera

Image by Dogwalker Brasil

Finding the Best Doggie Daycare

Dogs have always been our best companions, providing comfort, love and attention.  As they give us unconditional love, isn’t it only fair that we return the favor by offering them the utmost in care?  Doggie daycare is one way to ensure that Fido is well cared for throughout the day when we cannot be there to care for him/her on our own.  Doggie daycare is a great option for dogs when their owners need to be out of the house for long hours during the day.  They can play with other dogs and be supervised by professionals who know exactly what they need and will be able to keep an eye on them all day long.  When looking for a doggie daycare provider, here are some things to be on the lookout for while taking part in the search:

Ratio of Dogs to Doggie Daycare Staff

The first thing you should check on is the ratio of dogs to doggie daycare staff members.  You want to be certain that your dog has the proper supervision and will not be in there with too many other dogs.  Ask about what the doggie daycare ratio is and you will be able to rest easy knowing that your dog will feel like he/she is the only one in the room due to all the doting and attention they receive. 

Other Services Offered

In addition to daycare for your dog, you should also find out what other services the doggie daycare provider offers.  You may want to have your dog groomed while they are there or have them take part in some other service.  Also, ask whether or not the doggie daycare provider will pick up your pooch or if you have to drop your furry friend off at their business.  This will make a huge difference to many dog owners as some like to have the convenience of having their family pet picked up from the home.

Price of Services

Lastly, inquire about the price of services.  The price may help you to decide which doggie daycare provider you go with, especially if there are two or more in the running which are both great options and you are having a hard time deciding which is best.  These days you should find extremely reasonable prices as there is a competitive market for pet service providers as a whole.

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Doggie Daycare

Doggie Daycare

Doggie Daycare

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It’s tail-wagging fun at your Doggie Daycare center where puppies will feel like they’re in paradise! You will get to take care of the cutest dogs and puppies. Teach them cool tricks and reward them with toys and yummy treats. They’ll love you so much, they won’t want to ever leave! Keep the hounds happy and their humans happier in Doggie Daycare!

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Find the Best Doggie Daycare

You have to choose the best dog walking services for your beloved pet as this is an essential factor to consider when you are not able to walk your pet on your own.  You have to select the professional dog walker who can take care of your pet with the utmost care and patience.  When searching for dog walkers, ask for references and note whether or not they are insured and bonded.  When you get good quality services, this will provide peace of mind to you.

How to Select the Dog Walking Service

Selecting the right professional dog walking service for your dog is the best help for your dog and also perfect for you while you have a busy schedule.  Dogs can’t always stay in the home as they have to go outside for exercise and to take care of their bathroom duties.  Dog walking is the best answer for the busy dog owner who can’t always take their pup outside on a constant basis. Before you select an individual for dog walking services, here are some considerations:

Make sure that the dog walker only walks a few dogs at a time as too many dogs can cause stress for your pup.
Ask your dog walker if they are certified in pet first aid.
 Ask how the dog walker would address any medical emergency with your dog.
Have open communication with your dog walker and ask for a daily report on what your dog and the dog walker did that day.   
Ask about their experience in the field to ensure they are qualified.
Ask the dog walker whether they are insured and bonded.
If you select a dog sitting provider for your dog, then ask them to do dog walking services also as this is convenient and reduces the overall cost when compared to using a separate provider for each.


Many people use a dog walking service as they work during the day and can’t be at home to let their pet out in the yard to use the bathroom.  Also, a dog walking service allows your pet to get some much needed exercise and you may not always be able to take your dog on frequent walks due to your hectic schedule.

Advantages of Doggie Daycare Centers

Dogs are people pets.  They love being in the company of others, both people and other animals.  Since being with your dog all day, every day, is a difficult feat for most, dog owners often look for someone to keep their dog company during the day.  This is where doggie daycare centers get their business.  There are many advantages of doggie daycare centers and the following are some of the main ones:

Doggie Daycare Center Employees Care for Your Pet When You Are Gone For the Day

When you can’t be at home with your pet, it simply makes sense to ensure that they are cared for by someone who can keep them company during the day.  Rather than have someone in your home all day while you are out, a doggie daycare center offers the perfect alternative for your pet.  This way you can ensure that your faithful Fido is cared for without having to allow someone to be at your house without you being there.

Dogs Love Being Entertained At Doggie Daycare Centers

Another advantage to doggie daycare centers is that your dog will love being entertained at these establishments.  Doggie daycare providers know just what to do in order to keep your family friend happy, content and entertained.  Your pup is sure to love the fun things which they encounter on a daily basis.

Your Dogs Will Be Kept Safe While You Are At Work or Out For the Day

Last but definitely not least, when you take your dog to a doggie daycare center each day, you can be certain that they will be safe while they are there.  You not only want your pet to have fun during the day but you also want them to be kept safe and this is what the doggie daycare center will do for you.

Doggie daycare centers allow your pet to be cared for, entertained and kept safe all throughout the day.

Petsitting.com is an innovative website connecting pet owners with professional pet service providers. This site allows pet owners to search for pet care providers close to where they live, and is 100% free for the consumer. Services currently offered include: dog walking, pet sitting, pet boarding, pet grooming, doggie daycare, Pet waste removal, dog training and pet insurance.