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EXCLUSIVE: Family Of Toddler Who Died In NYC Daycare React To Food Allergy Ruling

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Food and Shelter – The Basics of Proper Iguana Care

Iguanas are exotic animals that make for great exotic pets. They are also becoming more and more popular by the day. However, for some iguana lovers, the task of taking care of an iguana can be quite daunting. Fortunately, once you learn about the two basic concepts of food and shelter you will be well equipped to take on the challenge of caring for your own pet iguana. Here are some important guidelines to follow when providing for your iguana:

Food: During your research on what to feed your iguana, you may come across some information stating that is alright to feed insects to your iguana, based on the premise that in the wild iguanas have been known to eat insects. This is gravely incorrect! Iguanas, in the wild, sometimes do eat insects but only by accident (they sometimes mistake insects for fruits and plants). They may also be forced to consume insects due to a lack of available vegetation around them. There are various factors that can affect the vegetation supply within the iguana’s habitat and during those times iguanas may consume insects to survive. But for the most part, iguanas are strictly vegetarian and herbivorous animals.

So why can’t iguanas eat insects and other animal proteins?

Iguanas have complex digestive systems and are not able to break down and process the complex concentration of protein that is present in animal matter. The unprocessed parts of the protein end up being turned into crystals, which are deposited in the kidney tissue and this can lead to serious gout or kidney problems. Therefore, if you want your iguana to be well cared for and healthy, you must keep it on a strict vegetarian diet with no animal matter whatsoever. If you assume that animal protein can assist the growth and development of your iguana, you are seriously mistaken as plant foods are more than sufficient for maximizing you iguana’s growth and lifespan.

Shelter: It is vital to know that iguanas are cold blooded and therefore they rely on their external environment for their survival. For this reason an iguana owner must consider the various factors that will affect the habitat and health of his pet.
Here are some things to consider:

a) Temperature – In their homes, there must be both hot and cold spots for the iguana to utilize so that it can regulate its body temperature easily. There must be a spot just for basking which should be between 90 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

b) Size – Even if you purchase a small-sized baby iguana, you must remember that it will eventually grow up to 6 feet in length. Therefore, your enclosure must be big enough for the iguana to move around in.

c) Lighting – Natural sunlight is the best choice as a source of UVA and UVB light. Iguanas need these rays for survival. You may find artificial lighting in pet shops that are specially made for iguanas but at best these will be compliments and not substitutes to your iguana’s light needs.

These are the basic requirements for taking care of a pet iguana and this should help you get started in the process of caring for your own pet. However, more research on various other topics is recommended for maximum development and the well being of your pet iguana.

Rob Stevenson is an iguana enthusiast. For more information on how to properly take care of your iguana and build your own iguana home feel free to visit http://www.petiguanacenter.com.

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Reusable Food Pouch (6 Pk-6oz) For Feeding Homemade Healthy Organic Baby Food Reviews

Reusable Food Pouch (6 Pk-6oz) For Feeding Homemade Healthy Organic Baby Food

Reusable Food Pouch (6 Pk-6oz) For Feeding Homemade Healthy Organic Baby Food

  • MOMMY KNOWS BEST – Now you can “HIDE” the veggies and make eating fun. We’ve learned that boys and girls love the colorful picture on our refillable pouch. Children will usually enjoy almost anything MOMMY puts in our cute pouch, but will refuse it by spoon. A great way for mom & dad to ensure their Little Angel is getting the nutrients they need.
  • INTUITIVE FEEDING – Babies and Toddlers are born with a suck reflex when something is placed near their mouth. Feeding pouches are replacing spoons for the first solid feeding experience. It’s the most natural transition from breast or bottle feeding. Fill with Wholesome Homemade Organic Healthy Recipes for your kids. Great for Applesauce, Yogurt, Oatmeal, Puree’s, Smoothies, Rice Cereal and many other delicious foods.
  • EASY FILL AND EASY CLEAN – Rounded Corners with 2 Easy View Windows allow you to see how much food is in the pouch AND allow you to see that the pouch is completely clean after washing
  • FREEZER AND DISHWASHER SAFE – Fill and store in freezer with homemade healthy meals and snacks. Thaw under warm water or let thaw naturally for a delicious lunch treat. Rinse and place over two prongs on top rack of dishwasher for easy cleaning
  • BPA FREE – Healthiest choice for baby feeding. Phthalate free, Lead free, PVC free

The Perfect Father’s Day gift for the new Dad Click “Add to Cart” now, to take advantage of this great price Feeding babies, toddlers and kids of all ages has changed in the 21st century These food pouches are perfect for on the go or at home meals and snacks. Great for grandma, grandpa, babysitters, new moms and new dads. Babies and Toddlers love them for their 1st solid food, applesauce, yogurt and homemade meals. Older kids love them for juice, smoothies and other lunchtime goodies Adult

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Learning Carpet Design ABC Food Runner (30 Inch X 78 Inch)

Learning Carpet Design ABC Food Runner (30 Inch X 78 Inch)

  • Paradise collection – great area rugs for kids 30″ x 78″
  • 100% high quality soft nylon loop pile
  • New technology 16-color combo technique to create bright, vivid designs, colors and details
  • Machine washable; light weight for easy cleaning and use

High quality children area rugs runner. Non-slip cross pattern backing for hard surfaces. Thick cushioned “gel backing” for extra comfort and reinforced surged edges for durability. This great alphabet kids area rug is easy to clean and vacuum (can be machine washed or spot cleaned with a diluted soap solution). Suitable for tiles and hardwood floors, kids’ rooms, hallways, kitchens, picnics and camping, bathrooms, entry ways and balconies.

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Kids Rug ABC Fruit and Food Area Rug 5 Ft. X 7 Ft.

Kids Rug ABC Fruit and Food Area Rug 5 Ft. X 7 Ft.

Kids Rug ABC Fruit and Food Area Rug 5 Ft. X 7 Ft.

  • Ideal for : Tiles & Hardwood Floors , Kitchens ,Kids Rooms ,Hallways, Door Mats , Saet Covers , Picnics & camping , Bathrooms , Entry Ways , Balconies ,carmats ,Gerages
  • Longer strands and short twists of complimentary colors Non-slip Cross Pattern Backing for Extra safety
  • 100% Nylon , Machine Washable , Enhance any child’s space with a fun, colorful area rug that also serves as a play toy
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These kids educational rugs and kids puzzle mats are ideal for daycare centers, pre-schools, nursery schools, kindergarten classrooms, childcare centers, children’s bedrooms and playrooms. Teach your little one their ABC’s with this fun Puzzle Alphabet Rug. Your child will love playing their favorite game on this rug and we think it is Perfect to Create Bright & Vivid Designs, Colors & Details! Made of 100% High Quality Soft Nylon Loop Pile comes equipped with Non-Slip Backing and Thick Cushione

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Cincinnati-Based Pet Food Company, Pet Wants, Starts Franchising Nationwide

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) June 17, 2015

Pet Wants, the successful Cincinnati-based business that provides fresh, all-natural pet food options, is offering franchise opportunities to select individuals who are passionate about the health and happiness of pets. Franchises will be available nationwide starting on June 15th. The first franchise was recently sold in Lexington, Kentucky and already operating.

Pet Wants Franchise System, LLC will offer a Mobile Franchise Model (focused on home delivery only) as well as a Store Franchise Model (focused on both retail sales and home delivery). Pet Care is a huge industry and according to the American Pet Products Association, pet food and treats alone, is a $ 22 billion industry in the U.S.

Pet Wants owner Michele Hobbs launched her company in 2010 to provide proprietary crafted, fresh, slow-cooked, all-natural pet food delivered to customers through a retail store and a convenient, home-delivery service. Hobbs had long been trying to figure out how to expand her business through franchising, so when she heard about Franchise Funding Group in late 2014, she reached out. Franchise Funding Group, also of Cincinnati, helped her take the small business and turn it into a national franchise company. She is now President and majority owner of Pet Wants Franchise System, LLC.

“This new franchise system is the right vehicle for me to fulfill my dream of national expansion in order to help dogs and cats around the country live longer, healthier and happier lives. Just like in Greater Cincinnati, franchise owners in their own communities will be able to develop a product and service niche with the potential of a huge following by passionately educating pet parents on better nutrition and providing their pets with fresh, all-natural food conveniently delivered to the home, office or pet daycare facility,” Hobbs said.

Hobbs added, “I am so excited that we will now have Pet Wants owners throughout the country serving their local customers and being fully engaged with their communities. Just like me, franchise owners will have the opportunity to own a fun and rewarding business built around their love for pets. And no experience is necessary. We will teach you everything you need to know to run this business, whether the mobile model or the store model. Just bring your passions, a strong work ethic, and the willingness to follow our marketing and operating systems.”

Franchise Funding Group, the organization behind helping Hobbs’ franchising dream come true, is an investment and franchise-development company comprised of a group of investors and strategic partners helping entrepreneurs take their existing and profitable business concepts and scale them nationally as franchise systems. The company’s Advisory Board Members have collectively and successfully developed nearly a dozen national franchise systems as well as led some of the nation’s most recognized brand-name franchise systems.

“Franchise Funding Group was the critical missing piece of my expansion puzzle. They were the investors and strategic partners I needed to confidently enter the franchising industry. Launching this franchise with Franchise Funding Group has been in line with our pet food philosophy – it’s all about providing excellence through deliberate and purposeful planning and execution. We’ve been able to create an exciting and attractive franchise program by combining the pet food expertise from Pet Wants with the franchising expertise from FFG,” Hobbs said.

Daniel Murphy, President of Franchise Funding Group stated, “Think of us as Shark Tank but without the wildly popular TV show. We specialize in supporting the franchising dreams of those with a proven and profitable concept. For Pet Wants, we provided them with more than $ 150,000 in services, hundreds of hours in training and support, project funding, marketing expertise, and access to our proven systems/processes for a minority stake in her new franchise system. And, just as important, we function as her on-going strategic advisers and partners.”

For more information about owning a Pet Wants franchise, visit their website at http://www.PetWants.com or contact the company at info@PetWants.com. For additional details about Franchise Funding Group, or to fill out a funding request, visit http://www.FranchiseFundingGroup.com.

About Pet Wants: Pet Wants was started by Michele Hobbs out of love for her pets and frustration. Veterinarians were unable to help relieve her dog’s painful skin allergies. After doing much research, Michele discovered the national dog food brand she trusted was not fresh, not all-natural, and lacked sufficient nutrition…and when pet food sits in warehouses and store shelves for months and months…it loses even more nutritional value. She was committed to developing a better solution for all dogs and cats. Their food is exclusively crafted…fresh, healthy, slow-cooked, all natural, sugar-free, no fillers, and no animal by-products. They source only the best salmon, chicken, lamb, brown rice, and other ingredients. Fresh ingredients make for better food… and better health for pets. And since they never use corn, wheat, soy or dyes, the common pet health problems associated with these ingredients are no longer worries. Their fresh food is conveniently delivered to the customer within weeks of production, not months. Roughly half of Pet Wants products are sold through their store and half through their convenient, home-delivery program. You can learn more at http://www.PetWants.com.

About Franchise Funding Group: The Franchise Funding Group is dedicated to being investors and strategic partners in developing new franchise systems or helping to rescue small, struggling franchise systems. Our management team has collectively developed, launched and managed dozens of businesses, including numerous franchise systems recognized as No. 1 in their industry, producing thousands of franchises around the world. In short, we help turn good businesses into great franchise systems and transform business owners into effective and successful franchisors. http://www.FranchiseFundingGroup.com

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