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Georgia’s Independence – Why We Should Care

These are troubled times we live in. The independent free nation of Georgia has been violated by a larger, stronger nation that is run by a man with dreams of empire. Mr. Vladimir Putin, an ex-KGB officer, has instigated a national push to rebuild the power and glory of the old Soviet Union. The idea is to take advantage of the weaker states around Russia first. Then, if the tide of world opinion doesn’t sweep the Russians back, they will advance upon other hapless victims in their quest, once again, for world superpower status.

The Russians took their first baby steps with the attacks on the Chechnians under the guise of retaliation against the “rebels”. Although some response was necessary, in my view, the response was way too harsh for the alleged crimes against Russia. I beleive that this was a test to see the response of world opinion. Once it was clear that there would be no great outcry, the Russians decided to plan and proceed with their next step. Georgia was the obvious choice and the ultimate test to determine if their plans of domination would be halted or even slowed by the free world. So far, it appears as if there is no great opposition to their plans.If the russians get away with abusing a free country like Georgia, there is no stopping them when they move to the next logical choice. That would the Ukraine.

After taking these steps, the rest of the countries in the area would be taken, one at a time, with nothing but useless words hurled at the Russians. I think it has been proven to everyone’s satisfaction that words bounce off the Russians like rubber chickens off their t-72 tanks. If I were a citizen of Latvia or Lithuania, I would be planning an emigration to America. They’re on the list.

Where is the line drawn? Why does the free world allow this potential future threat to happen? It must be said here that it will be far easier to stop the Russians in the free nation of Georgia than in the plains of Europe. This is just my opinion, but I know that others feel the same way. The world doesn’t need another war, cold, nuclear, brush fire or otherwise. Let someone stand up and say No!