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Why Choose Shot Glass For Your Party Gifts?

Most people overlook or forget the shot glass favors when it comes to organizing a party. They have covered perfectly everything from the decoration, the food, the music, the participants to the invites, yet they simply forget including the glasses in their shopping list. Whether it is a homecoming party, wedding, reunion, bachelor party, graduate party, theme party, costume party or simply just a party, the ultimate souvenire would be the gifts given to guests at the end. The shot glass is the most ideal and common choice nowadays.


These little glasses for shots are of great value. Firstly, they will always remind you of a particular party. They stay in your cabinet forever. In future when you are going through your cabinet, and you come across a shot glass from a party, it will definitely take you back in time. A little gift such as the shot glass makes everyone happy. Some people even develop a hobby in collecting such glasses.


Glass looks elegant. Even if you simply place them on the table, they add to its beauty. The glass favors are inexpensive, and you can easily buy them from anywhere. You can even get a good deal if you are buying in big numbers. Though they come in the same size, called the size of a shot, you do get a variety of shapes in them. Some shot glasses are printed or frosted. The frosted ones look beautiful. Some people buy these glasses to put mini candles in them. When you light up the candles, they glow beautifully through the frosted glass.


In fact, when they teach candle-making course, one of the items taught is to make a candle in a glass. Apart from that, you also get them in several colors. Red glass looks very classy and elegant. The best part about such shot glasses is that you can personalize them as per your requirement. You could print a nice message on a glass surface that symbolizes the party. You could make images on the glass that will remind you of the party. If the party is a wedding celebration then you could have the bride and bridegroom’s name etched on them. Some people also like to simply write the date, and venue of the party for remembrance.


If you wish to bring out your creative side, you could just buy plain. Then, you can design them depending on the theme of the party. This way you can have the glasses exactly the way you want them to be. There are plenty of colors and sprinklers available in the market for decorating glasses. You can even make little candles in them and give away to your guests after your house party. The other option would be to fill the glass with candy. This way the children of the guests will be happy, as will be, their parents. Shot glass favors are ideal when you are celebrating a bachelors’, a graduation party, or a party with your friends. You could drink in the shot glasses for the evening, and present them to the guests at the end.


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