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Because maternal care is important for babies

The joys of flooding should a family when a child is very obvious. Everyone seems to be optimistic, enthusiastic and happy. So many preparations are made before the time, bedroom, clothes, toys and more are purchased in advance. One day the child returns home. And the big question is shown, the wear of the child care home?


After all, there is always the house-mothers should take care of the infant away. Mothers have the first andparticular responsibility when it comes to caring for babies. Of course you can not expect, Papas feeding the baby, is not it? Or maybe changing diapers, except for an exceptional pair.

Mothers instinct rearing of infants until they pass phase with the child. This is the norm, but today because of the increasing number of women working in different establishments, the issue of care for the child at home is what you pressMatter.

Some women actually leave work to care for their children at home, especially since other studies have shown that the bond between mother and child during the first months to one year after the birth should be encouraged and supported because of the positive results development of children in all aspects of development – physical, mental and emotional.

Children, the tender touch of their experience as mothers are known to have been higherSelf-esteem than those who do not. You always feel safe in their environment and are often seen as always smiling. These children know the smell of their mothers and often cry when they hear that their mothers would leave them. Even if the child gets a bit ‘older mothers should start when the child realizes that there are moments in which they must leave and that they shall return after some time.

One childwill be ensured by different people lose that emotional bond with the mother. And, ultimately, the maternal bond that must exist between a mother and child degraded slowly, which would lead to some problems later.


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