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7 Steps to a Meaningful Life

Day to day busy schedules at the office and home can leave one feeling as if his/her life has lost meaning.

It’s like life has become all work and no play. Deadlines, emails, paperwork, appointments, taking care of others, as well as housework and yard-work can leave you feeling overworked, stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and even empty.

So how do we bring meaning back to our lives, if it was ever there to begin with?

1. Replenish yourself. Due to busy lifestyles at home and work, it’s important to take time to replenish yourself.

It’s vital to our well being to nurture and take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually so that we are not left feeling defeated and depleted, instead restoring and renewing a space of harmony.

2. Connect with friends. Since work and family come first, it can be challenging to find time to spend with friends.

It’s important to make time to let your hair down and forget about all the work and enjoy some recreation time.

Whether it’s going out to lunch, dinner, a show, the spa, having a BBQ, or playing golf, etc., what’s important is you are out of the routines and enjoying time with your friends. Laughing, chatting, cheering, sharing and most importantly, enjoying camaraderie.

3. R & R. We need rest and relaxation from demanding days. It doesn’t have to be a vacation per say, but taking some time to put your feet up, unwind, and de-stress.

When you do things from a space of relaxation rather than stress, you are more productive, more creative, calmer, and happier.

Even if you love your job and it doesn’t feel like work it’s still important to take time to rest.

4. Ask for help. This can be a tough one for many people. Asking for assistance sometimes feels as if you’re needy, like you can’t do it, that you’re weak, or can’t handle things.

Not wanting to ask can also be because of the expectation that a person “should” just help without you having to request it. The problem with this is if you don’t ask, guess what? You probably aren’t going to receive any assistance and are left feeling resentful or angry.

Delegating is not only productive, but beneficial. It leaves time for you to do what’s of the utmost importance and is vital because it frees up time for you to take care of you.

5. Connect with nature. It’s essential to connect with the pulse of nature.

Since the majority of our time is spent indoors, unless of course you have an outdoor job, (but then you are still working), you aren’t reaping the benefits of expanding your inner energies with fresh air, sunshine, and the union with the natural world.

Listen to the birds, watch the animals, see and smell the flowers, soak up the warm rays of sunshine, breathe in the fresh air, and gaze at blue skies, float away with the clouds, get your feet wet in nearby lakes or oceans, hug a tree, or lay on a hammock or lawn chair.

These tranquil times revitalize the body, mind, and most importantly, spirit.

6. Meditate. When you meditate you are connecting to the silence within. You are moving away from thoughts and into a sacred space of union.

You are resting in God’s hands, peacefully and fully. You are aware of the oneness, rather than the separateness.

In this breathing space there is complete freedom, purpose, love, support, joy and peace.

Often after meditating, even if only for a few minutes, you feel relaxed, creative, renewed, centered and balanced. It’s as if harmony is restored once again.

7. Find something you love and do more of it.

Whether you love to play golf, going to the spa, yoga, exercising, painting, writing, reading, photography, etc. make time to do more of it.

It’s important you spend time doing things you enjoy because it promotes a feeling of meaningfulness.

If you don’t have any hobbies or interests explore different avenues. Remember, you never know unless you try; infact you might surprise yourself as to what you find enjoyable. The true meaning of life is to fill it with as much enjoyment, kindness, forgiveness, love, patience, and peace as possible.

When we look at problems as possibilities, we are allowing ourselves and others to grow, learn and expand exactly the way we are.

By Kimberley Cohen

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