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Driving Peace of Mind to Create the Life You Deserve

Peace of mind affords you the ability to progress anything you desire with inner contentment and harmony.

When you have peace of mind, you are co-operating with your own internal energy source. This then allows you to express yourself in a unique way, an individual way that reflects your own personality.

Various research organizations around the world have discovered that lack of “Peace of the Mind” over a prolonged period could lead to illnesses such as mental disorders, stress, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, restlessness, sleeplessness and overeating.

In some cases, the prescription has been some “long doses of practical therapy on acquiring peace of mind” without any need for medication. In other cases, depending on the level and intensity of the illness, medication is administered in combination with therapy treatments.

When you are true to yourself, you are producing and emitting a very powerful energy that attracts like bees, because this intelligence within you will glow as “original”, it’s hot and it’s brilliant.

OK, let me just illustrate this with some examples:

We know that all over the world, people generally admire original work, for example, an original painting will be admired closely by those who are interested and highly motivated in this area of work.

The World Famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci, painted between 1503-1506 is still fascinating to this day, due to the unique and subtle modelling of forms and qualities, which gives it that “original” personal creativity that people love.

And people still admire this creative work with curiosity as to what was going on in the Creators mind when he was painting this masterpiece. It’s not surprising that this admiration for Mona Lisa still goes on, many years after Leonardo’s death in the year 1519.

Another example is the case of entertainment shows like Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent, which has captured the world all over. These ideas were pure creative thoughts starting from the “Mind at Peace with Itself” of the Creators.

The same would apply to original Music, Creative speeches such as President Obama’s famous Speech in 2004 in Boston, Massachusetts, well before he was elected or any other work that is purely original.

So, the interest generated by those who take time and make the best efforts to create from within is usually Captivating and Magnetic.

For example, if you go back, right back to the principal of anything in life, being creative and true to yourself is fascinating and enjoyable, because you could do it all day without noticing time go by and without strain or anxiety.

Having Peace of Mind to be Creative also captivates other people around you with a sense of encouragement or a feeling of higher aspirations for themselves, knowing that they too can create “peace of mind” and happiness by “enquiring carefully from within”, and then taking the necessary steps to get there.

Peace of Mind takes you to a different level of thought power and sets your mind to discover your own unique personality from within.

So you connect with your inner self in your own special way because this makes it natural to you, even as you go through challenges.

You’ll then appreciate that going through challenges is part of life and as long as you live, you’ll have challenges, so why not co-operate with your inner mind in harmony with yourself, seeking the peace of mind that afford you to fully understand yourself and what you want in life on a deeper level.

You see, some people just drift through life, and then wonder why things just don’t improve in their lives.

All that can change by carefully and gradually getting in tune with your life’s true desires, slowly but steadily.

The exercise of creating “Peace of Mind” should be practiced diligently until “Peace of Mind” is felt from within. Then the habit of maintaining peace of mind should be continued on a daily basis.

In doing this, there must be no mental hurry, strain, or anxiety to the body because when you have peace on your mind in harmony with your inner self, you are connecting with your true inner mind’s desires, understanding that “Peace of Mind” can skyrocket your creative abilities in a magnificent way.

Now, you may ask, how can this process be started when there seems to be so much for people to juggle with in modern day living?

OK, the first thing here is learning how to Relax, so that you can start on a platform of absolute relaxation because this is where you’ll begin to discover your own peace of mind.

Examples of how to start include:.

Breathing and Medication Exercises

You can start with simple breathing exercises and meditation. Look for a quiet location and make yourself comfortable, now take a few deep breaths then exhale with a feeling of ripples of relaxation going through you.

Make this a very personal experience and gradually peace of mind would begin to transpire as part of your personal life. Feel your body accepting this peace of mind and totality basking in your ideal peaceful desires. Make time to do this at least 15 minutes daily, believing that you already have it.

Images of Your Ideal Peaceful Scene

Create mental images of your Ideal desires surrounded with Peace and Love around you. Ask yourself questions like – what would give me a feeling of absolute peace right now? Make this picture as realistic as possible for you, and keep this picture steady in your Mind daily, with absolute belief.

Simple Positive Self Talk

Aim to communicate positively with yourself and others around you on a daily basis and repeat statements like the following at least 20 times a day, once again, believing that this is you, creating absolute peace in your Life.

Ok, let’s say this together:

“I have absolute Peace of Mind in my life and this Peace of Mind affords me a fuller expression of things that I do, in harmony with my true creative energy”

Or you could say:

“Peace of Mind is always present and improving in my life on a daily basis”.

Understand that for some people, it may take some time for these statements to sink in, but do not concerned yourself of this because just as you eat food, this is “Peaceful” food for your mind.

At the same time, don’t seek anxiously to measure how this “Peace” is working within you.


Because it’s working on a subconscious level and in time it will begin to transpire in your daily life just as you proclaim and believe it.

Other sources of peace of mind would include your favourite music, walking in natural surroundings, your hobby, helping others understand and express peace in their lives, and living with a mental attitude that cultivates peace of mind.

And what would all this do for you?

It will eventually afford you the absolute pleasure of discovering your very own unique “Joy of living” that comes from deep within you. It builds harmony with your conscious and subconscious mind, allowing you over a period of time to eventually become Master of your own environment and circumstances around you, wherever you may be.

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