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Common Mistakes Careful Maintenance Needed “a Degree Of Relaxation” – Car Care – Auto

New Year’s Day three days short holiday, travel by car for a friend used for development of 50-100 km have the short line drive. Postganglionic reporter from a variety of Vehicle Maintenance Service shops understand, as opposed to National Day, the traditional Spring Festival holiday, the majority of owners also place more emphasis on careful maintenance of vehicles coming back, this time a short holiday by car owners to come back, in addition to those obvious failures in the way, have to find a repair shop cases to be resolved, the other owners did not seem to realize that out after two or three days back in need of targeted maintenance. It is understood that the owner believed that more than a month will usher in New Year holiday, when the vehicle carefully to detect also not too late. However, when all issues are left to resolve the Spring Festival, will inevitably be a security risk. On the contrary, some vehicle owners to care too much, though a mere 23 days out, but then made over vehicle maintenance, as more harm than good. Particularly Tire , Oil, brake pads and other major areas, people find themselves in a kind of keep a car misunderstanding.

Engine Right approach: the engine oil circuit cleaning and maintenance

Error view: Low Abnormal noise A problem on that engine

In the province of some scenic quality can not be guaranteed fuel supply, which has become a piece of heart disease travel. Automobile manufacturers now have a label on the gasoline demand generally require 93 or more, if you use a low-grade gasoline or poor quality gasoline, on the one hand engine, knock, noise; on the other hand easy to make the three-way catalytic exhaust purification catalyst failure , and then failed emissions, some of the exhaust pipe will be blocked, leading to weakness and increase engine performance Fuel consumption Serious damage to other components inside the engine will. Therefore, if one wants to avoid the above, the proposed cleaning and maintenance of the engine oil circuit.

Contrast, some owners is a bit too sensitive to hear some of the abnormal sound from the engine problem on that engine. In fact, the car Power Assembly system if abnormal conditions, increasing the initial presentation of noise, fuel consumption increases. However, between models of each brand, there are sometimes slight differences in sound, not surprising. Therefore, the main thing is to start a motor vehicle and whether there will be difficulties Idle Instability, power down the situation, but to pay attention to their own sense of “noise” will intensify over time, if not, it does not mean that the engine problems.

Brakes Right approach: Check brake pads for wear, to be replaced by actual use

Error view: as long as the apparent failure of the brakes do not feel, feel to have enough time before the Spring Festival check

Oil Right approach: the actual situation due to added oil

Error view: only use the oil viscosity is too large

Good in traffic, a large section of space vehicles, people always like deep tread Accelerator , That is enough for cars soared up and enjoyable. However, the long speeding, frequent braking and the temperature is too high, a direct result of brake wear is so severe. Braking down, deviation, braking does not return position, the brake system problems are obvious symptoms. Brake, if serious friction sound heard or sharp sound, stepping up the pedal feel response lag, weak, or that should immediately replace the brake pads.

Usually after returning from holiday, people will brake the relative importance of checking on the maintenance, but short Drive Tends to wear on brake pads do not care whether. After all, there are about one month is the Spring Festival holiday, people think that until that time, also had time to inspect before leaving. But the one time too tight, the car service business traffic is quite large, will check the inconvenience, and secondly, if accidentally in the brake system problems before the Spring Festival on negligence, will bring security to the long-distance travel hidden danger

Some vehicle owners will find after returning from high oil used to run particularly fast.

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