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Saving Money on Child Care Costs

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Money Week, Day 3: Daycare Costs

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Money Week, Day 3: Daycare Costs

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Earn Money Simply By Starting An Internet Business

Increasing cost of living is making it hard for mother and father, especially with children, to make both ends meet. They generally both work to pay bills and expenses, often leaving their child with a babysitter or a day-care center.

Nevertheless, some parents can’t stand the thought of leaving their child with strangers. They think the need to personally keep close track of their child.

To contribute with the household expenses, a stay home parent generally starts his or her business at home.

In the past, this could be cooking or baking food and sell it to their neighbors, but with today’s technology, the internet can produce a wider variety of businesses and broader number of customers.

One type of online business is web marketing. All a stay-at-home parent has to do is generate a website and affiliate with other websites.

This works by marketing the products of other websites on your website, the business you are advertising will usually give you a commission if a product has already been sold as a result of your efforts. To be profitable in this particular business, your website traffic should be substantial.

Targeted traffic is also important to ensure that people who are visiting your site are at least interested to consider buying the products you are advertising.

One great way to generate targeted traffic is to write an article about the item you are marketing.

After you completed writing the article, submit it to article publishing websites. Include your website’s URL after the end of the article. Readers who are interested in the product will most likely visit your website.

Make sure to make your articles interesting and easy to read. Attempt to make your own family and friends go through the articles first and get their viewpoint before submitting it to the article-publishing website.

The great thing about posting an article is that it is frequently free and free advertising is always good.

Your website should also include details about the product you are advertising and should catch your website visitor’s attention the moment they enter your website. Add some articles about the pros and cons about the product, some reviews and customer’s testimonials. This is a great way to earn money at home.

Another way to earn money at home is by using auction websites. You can auction practically anything. It is also a great way to get rid of unwanted items from your house, or selling your crafts, such as home made knitted clothing or your own paintings.

You can also buy items at auctions yourself and sell them at a slightly higher price. It is hard to believe, but there is always someone willing to buy your junk! Some people even buy collector cards, like for instance, baseball cards.

Writing is also one great way to make money online while staying home. A number of companies hire freelance writers. This type of job can be fun and allows you to be creative and independent. A company usually pays you per article you write.
Home based business is also great for students who want to either help their parents out with school expenses or simply earn some extra cash.

The great thing about online business is that it does not require you to leave your home often. Additionally it is great for parents who have children and cannot afford a day care center or a babysitter. It is also a great way to spend more excellent time with their children and supervise them as they grow up.

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The cost of daycare | Carrick Talks Money

Personal finance columnist Rob Carrick discusses the high cost of childcare
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One of the many important steps in preparing for (or thinking about) filing bankruptcy is creating a household budget. Most Americans don't have one, and it is critical to understanding how your money is spent and why you are in a financial hole. It is also key to maintaining your fresh start after your bankruptcy is complete. You cannot continue to spend more than you earn and get back on your feet financially.

In helping people do this here in New Jersey, I have found that there are two expenses that are often overlooked: daycare and educational expenses. 

Daycare Expenses

If you have young children you know how expensive daycare can be. Oftentimes it is the reason one spouse does not work; he or she cannot get a job that pays significantly more than daycare costs. Some people are fortunate and have grandparents, friends, neighbors, and the like, that will take on the supervision of their children while they are at work. But those who do not, really feel the pinch.

This expense is often left out, but it is considered a necessary expense, and is included in the means testing calculations . In fact, those expenses can often mean the difference between being able to file a chapter 7 and having to file a chapter 13.

School and Educational Expenses

Another expense that is often overlooked, and for the same reasons, is school expenses. Parents these days are expected to pay for more and more supplies, materials, and equipment for children in public schools (let alone tuition for private schools).

This also helps with means testing, but is capped at a maximum amount per child per month. Anyone preparing to file bankruptcy should consider these expenses carefully and include them in their budgets.

So What Do I Do?

If you are looking for more information about bankruptcy and the bankruptcy process, then download my free book, Top Questions People Ask About Filing Bankruptcy in New Jersey .

If you live in southern New Jersey and are considering filing bankruptcy, please feel free to call me at 856-432-4113 or  contact me through this site  for a free consultation in my Woodbury office to discuss your case.

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Saving Money on Child Care Costs

Those of you who have children know how expensive it can be to care for a growing family; however, you might be surprised just how expensive. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the costs associated with raising a child, from birth to the age of 18, has risen nearly 40% over the last decade. Recent reports have determined that the cost for an average two-parent, middle-income family to raise a child to adulthood now stands at 6,920 — a ,000 increase from 2001. What’s really interesting about this number is that it doesn’t include the cost of a college education, which has increased exponentially over the last few years.
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