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Daycare Center – Learn About Numbers and Counting

The ability of your child to learn about new things does not only depend on their genes. As a parent, you have also a great influence to improve their learning skills. At an early age, the more they know about their surroundings the easier it will be for them to learn when they are already in school. You can help your kids as they acquire new information and knowledge such as in their speech and vocabulary.

As early as possible, you must be able to teach your kids more about their surroundings. Teach them about the things in their surroundings and how these can work. Let them learn much information about what is around them. Help them to extend the use of their language and aid them in developing their vocabulary. Through your help, you can develop your child’s abilities to help them figure things and let them solve problems on their own.

There are a lot of things that you can do that will surely help your child to develop better learning skills. You can always provide your kids with the opportunity to let your kids develop different concepts by letting them explore with different things such as class equipments. You can also let them do some cooking for them to learn about substances and how they change. Let them plant seeds and let them learn about growing and taking care of plants. Encourage them to join in plays and other activities to help them have an idea about social situations. Let them interact with pets to teach them how to care.

Books are also effective instruments to learning. Give them books that will let them enjoy at the same learn more about their world. Let them read books about how certain things work like how plants grow or how vehicles work and the like. There are a lot of books accompanied with photographs and illustration that will help the children to learn. It will also help them to understand things easily.

You can also teach the children about vocabulary. Explain to them new words that they have just encountered. Let them also try new things and activities such as drawing, singing, dancing and even acting. All these activities will help them in developing certain skills. Aside from that you can take your kids on field trips so that they can experience the actual world and encounter things that they have read. Even if it is just around the park, a zoo or the museum your kids will surely learn a lot of new things.

Aside from that, the computer can also be a helpful and interactive way for your kids to learn about new things. There interactive games that your kids can play in order to enhance their vocabulary skills. They can even learn new words, familiarize with colors, shapes and even numbers. There are sure a lot of fun ways to learn and make sure that your kids realize that indeed learning is fun. You can find ways that they will not even recognize they are already learning a lot.

Learn about numbers and counting

There a lot of differences when it comes to the ability of young children. There are those who have no problem when it comes to numbers and counting since they have learned it even before school. But then, there are some kids who have not yet familiarize themselves into the world of counting. There are those who need the opportunity to recognize words for numbers and be able to count things as well as how to read and write numbers.

There are many informal ways which you can help your kids in learning more about numbers and counting as well.

When you are together whether you are at home or not, it helps if you start pointing objects and you can make it a daily routine. For example when you serve cookies for snack, you can ask him to count the cookies before eating. You can count with him the stairs as you walk. Let your kids count with you because once they hear and practice it will be easier for them to learn. When you are together you can ask your kids about how many the things are around you. This will keep you kids accustomed to numbers. You can also ask your kids to count his parts of the body such as his eyes, mouth, nose and the like.

You can also ask your kids to help you in daily chores such as preparing food or even cooking. Before you start cooking, you can ask him to count the ingredients that you will use. You can also let your kids measure things using a ruler. You can teach him how to use it and guide him in measuring simple things in your house. Aside from that you can also play counting songs and rhymes that will encourage your kids to count and will also help them remember about it. Playing counting games accompanied with jumping and clapping can also help your kids to enjoy numbers.

To help your kids recognize and write numbers, you can play number puzzles with them that will help them recognize how the numbers look like. You can recite the numbers as they see them to help him associate the words with how they look like. You can also encourage them to write numbers whenever they draw or create numbers. Together with your help, you can let your kids associate numbers through activity books that will help them to learn more about numbers.

Let them have fun by letting them use pictures, stickers, markers and other writing materials as they learn how to count and write numbers. There are many ways for your children to learn how to count and write numbers as well. You must remember that learning should not be limited only to the classroom because learning outside the classroom can be a fun activity. Aside from making your kids learn, you are also able to spend quality time with them. So start planning activities with your kids that will surely make them learn and have fun at the same time.

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