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Nurses Are in High Demand Due to A Severe Shortage

by mliu92

The aging of the population combined with the current and projected nursing shortage is creating a huge demand for nurses across all practice areas. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there will be a need for one million additional nurses by the year 2010 which means that demand will far outweigh supply if current conditions continue.  And this trend is creating an exciting opportunity for anyone looking into a nursing career – especially those looking for a career change.

The nursing shortage stems from a few key factors:

The aging of the nursing workforce with retirement of many expected over the course of the next 10-15 years.
The severe drop-off of enrollment in nursing programs across the country. A key factor here is a shortage of nursing faculty which resulted in over 40,000 qualified candidates being turned away from nursing programs in 2007¹.
The expansion of nursing services outside of hospitals, to include long-term care facilities, outpatient surgery facilities, community health centers, home care services, and corporate health divisions.
The decline in overall retention rate of nurses. Many nurses are leaving the field due to the increased stress levels they are experiencing in carrying heavier patient loads than they feel adequately able to care for. In the March-April 2005 issue of Nurse Economic$ , Dr. Peter Buerhaus and colleagues found that over 75% of nurses feel that the nursing shortage is negatively impacting the quality of their work life and patient care.

What this means in terms of career potential is that there has never been a better time to become a nurse, particularly for those graduating from a bachelor’s level program. Along with highly attractive salaries come the added benefits of long-term career stability and enhanced working conditions. With regard to salary, The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the median annual earnings of registered nurses were $ 52,330 in 2004, while the middle 50 percent earned between $ 43,370 and $ 63,360, and the lowest 10 percent earned less than $ 37,200, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $ 74,760. As many nurses also earn shift differentials and overtime pay, salaries are often higher than the reported base.

Another important development within the profession is that nurses are being given much more responsibility and autonomy than in times past which has resulted in a greatly enhanced image of the role both within and outside of the medical community. Aside from direct patient care other career paths for nurses with a bachelor’s level education include research, administration, and management. One area where there is great need is for nursing school faculty. As noted above, the shortage of qualified nursing faculty throughout the country is significantly impacting the ability of these schools to recruit and enroll students. U.S. nursing schools declined over 40,000 qualified candidates from baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs in 2007 due to insufficient number of faculty, clinical sites, classroom space, clinical preceptors, and budget constraints.

Finally, there is greater availability of loans, grants and scholarships, along with special programs to assist disadvantaged students in meeting the financial obligation of college attendance.

The nursing profession has never been more pivotal in meeting the future healthcare needs of an aging population. For those seeking to enter the profession it is a time of incredible career opportunity offering many professional as well as personal rewards.  For more information on nursing careers and the availability of nursing jobs, visit our career center at MatrixMJ.com.

¹  As noted in a report issued by the American Association of Colleges Of Nursing (AACN) titled 2007-2008 Enrollment and Graduations in Baccalaureate and Graduate Programs in Nursing.

Kristie McDonald is a former HR Director and now Vice President at Matrix Medical Jobs – an innovative and revolutionary job board designed to help nurses, allied health professionals and physicians improve and expand their careers. Please visit MatrixMJ.com for Nursing Career Advice and Nursing Jobs.

Great Job Demands For Registered Nurses

Several low scale professions have been rapidly increasing recently. An example of a low-scale profession is nursing. Weighing against jobs of the same group, nursing is highly compensated, thus increasing competence and lessening dependency. Registered nursing professionals have a significant career path as there is an increased demand every day. Then again, it is required in all fields that they are all registered nurses.

Not only is the job rewarding because you are able to help many people, but also for the reason that monetary returns are easily earned and continuous education can be done after attainment of a degree. Registered nurses work under the supervision of other professionals thus helping in the learning process.

Competent and skilled nurses are constantly needed by the medical field. Therefore this sector is growing and in the coming years it is anticipated that 2.8 million additional job openings will be open to registered nurses alone. Unsurprisingly, there has been great demand for registered nurses. The newspaper advertisements show the need and lack of nurses. Lack of nurses push employers to increase cash benefits for nurses to accept the job. Should relocation be necessary, there are employers who are willing to pay all moving expenses. These additional benefits come in various packages to attract registered nurses to take job offers.

Different areas of work are available for registered nurses. Registered nurses can assist and aid the rapidly growing population of senior citizens. There is also an increased demand for nurses in facilities of health care and home. Also, nurses are needed in industries and schools to attend to cases that need first aid and for dispensing of medications.

Nurses are the main hospital personnel providing care for patients. In fact, most nurses work in a hospital setting though newer settings which give larger benefits to nurses than hospital jobs are starting to find their way too.

A lucrative option in a nursing career is travel nursing. It is adventurous but educating as well. You will receive excellent pay and get free travel, insurance and accommodation too. Plus, you are introduced to people of different backgrounds and culture. You also get to try different cuisines.

You can choose to be a nurse in home care. This career option is as challenging as others though it requires more adjustments from you and your lifestyle. The remuneration is high and the skills you develop here are important for a future career ahead of you.

Nursing Benefits Overseas
The need for trained nurses is great and expected to rise continuously in the years to come. The reasons behind the need for nurse professionals vary. Adequately staffed hospitals and health facilities are important in an aging population. With increased medical specialization comes the need for an increased specialization of nurses and others whose job is to administer care. Lastly, as medical care prices rise, all nurses including licensed vocational nurses, nurse practitioners and registered nurses, are taking up more responsibilities concerning the treatment of patients.
These issues are not only confined in the United States. Almost all countries demand the services of competent nurses, making it a great career choice for a lot of people. Limitless career choices are available to proficient nurses. In addition, nursing overseas offer several benefits especially to those who want to travel.

Working Overseas for Personal Motives

There are a lot of benefits gained from working overseas. For people who love travelling and experiencing new culture, working overseas is an excellent way to support their lifestyle. Even as the idea of packing and moving from a faraway place may be overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be the case.

Several nurses working overseas obtain employment by means of staffing agencies. Aside from finding jobs for nurses, staffing agencies help the nurses with moving overseas. Agency professionals should be aware of the required documents and certain immunizations needed, depending on which country one will work for. Additionally, the agency will be able to help you find a house and set up a bank account.

Even if you went overseas for the purpose of work, nursing abroad lets you satisfy your love for travelling, residing in foreign land and coming across another culture. For a lot of people, working overseas as a nurse is a magnificent lifestyle.

Working Overseas for Professional Purposes
A nurse would want to work overseas for various professional reasons. For most parts of the world, the available health care is far from ideal. Nurses of these communities literally become lifesavers. Working individually with families, assisting them in obtaining proper nourishment, immunizations, as well as other medical incidents can be an incredibly gratifying experience for professional nurses.

In addition, a lot of nurses enjoy working overseas. While they may be highly trained nurses, they would not be able to use all their skills if they choose to remain in America. In most countries, a fresh nursing graduate would gain a great deal of important and varied experience while they work with patients. If the aforementioned graduate stayed in America he/she would have spent a number of months attending orientation programs in their hospitals of work, possibly rotating different floors while nursing on the basic level. For someone who wishes to leap into a stable career in health care, nursing overseas would be a brilliant way to acquire a good deal of required experience. Soon after, if one decides to come back to America, this experience would make someone an in demand employee.

Making the Most of One’s Overseas Experience in Nursing
To be able to make the most of your experience abroad, it is necessary to remember some of these things:

• Be aware of your intentions.
Do you want to be a nurse overseas so you can travel and be immersed in a different culture? Or do you want to work where the poor people are under- served and are lacking in proper health care? Whatever your purposes may be, it can definitely affect your experience nursing abroad.

• Know the living conditions in store for you overseas.
Will you stay in a comfortable house which fits the comfort level that you have in your own home? Or will your house not even offer you running water? By knowing these things, you get to prepare yourself for what’s ahead and you increase the chances of liking your stay there more.

• Know until when are you staying abroad
Are you going to spend a year nursing abroad or just for few weeks? Or maybe you’re staying there for good? These things you have to have plans for since the staffing agency can coordinate their team. Even when you still are unsure if you’re going to like the area or not, a plan would let your staffing agency look for the best that would fit your situation.

Nursing overseas, whether just for a time or for good already, can be professionally and personally fulfilling. There a lot of staffing agencies out there which can help you on your adjustment period and help you enjoy your time abroad even while working.

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