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Northern Colorado Boys & Girls Clubs Offer Free Daycare To Health Care Workers & First Responders

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Start a Daycare and Offer Jobs in Daycare

Do you know that when you start a daycare and offer jobs in daycare to teenagers or mothers on a part-time or full time basis, you are rendering a great service? A daycare can be rewarding and fulfilling. When you offer jobs in daycare to the needy mothers in search of additional income, it can be rewarding in another way. Except for those with plenty of money to invest, most women have started daycare services on a shoestring, often spending from their savings and working out of their homes. As you progress, gain a reputation for excellent daycare services and have more clients, you will consider moving out to independent premises, fully equipped to provide everything that will keep children occupied and well cared for. At the same time you will need additional people to assist you in the day to day operations once you start a daycare center to take care of a large number of children.

Money matters so you would rather have a commercial venture rather than start a daycare on non-profit basis. It takes almost the same effort to find funding, sometimes more for non-profit ventures as you have to satisfy a number of criteria to obtain approvals and grants. Private investors, friends and local business will be more forthcoming since you will already have established a name in local circles. It is the opinion of those in the business that when you do start a daycare as a commercial venture, make it full fledged, with full facilities and with the capability to take care of 100 children to make it financial viable and self sustaining. Investors who can be shown a full plan on how you plan to operate the center and the profits it will generate are more likely to take interest in funding you so have a business plan ready.

Assuming you have managed to get together the funds, the next step would be to obtain licensing from the regulatory authorities. You would need to maintain minimum standards for child care, health, nutrition, safety and staff to attend to the children and the information is available from the National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education. For full fledged operation once you start a daycare center, you could rent premises with plenty of space inside as well outside for parking as well as a play zone for the kids. The next step, once you manage to rent premises and prepare it for daycare operations would be to get clients and this can be done through word of mouth publicity, through approaching the church and other organizations to inform their members about your services, putting up signboards and hoarding outside the premises as well as on the road leading to your center. This done you would need to have staff to assist you and you can offer jobs in daycare again through the same medium or use the media or get sponsors to bear cost of advertising so you can let people know you are offering jobs and also daycare services for children.

When you look back in perspective at the way your daycare center has flourished, the way it has helped children evolve and the way it has offers jobs in daycare to a number of people, you cannot but help feel richly rewarded for all your troubles.


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