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Some Points You Should Be Taking Care of in Order to Avoid Divorce

You should get the best information when you see your marriage is in trouble in order to avoid it from divorce.  You should have knowledge on the factors that can harm your marriage, even though you have nothing to worry about currently.  But be careful, suddenly you will be awaken when your spouse rings you an alarm.

As you know, marriage is fluctuating, it’s up and down.  It takes some efforts to stabilize the fluctuations and make it safe.  You need to improve your marriage to make it better day by day.

At least, there are five factors that can lead you to divorce that you need to be aware of.  When you find these factors apply to your situations, at least you know that you need to face and solve it.  And if it is required, you need to get assistance from marriage counselor to work the issues that you are facing.

1. Living together before marriage

Some, especially young people think that if they live together before marriage will give them better understanding on each other.  They think that they need to first have a test if they choose the right partner for the rest of their life.  But the fact is on the opposite site. The chances of getting divorce is even greater by living together before marriage than if you were already engaged before hand and getting marry soon after you move in together.

 2. Too young to get married

Some studies prove that marital stability is also supported by certain level of age of marriage.  The younger you are when you get married, the higher possibility you have to get divorce.  The age of twenty is considered the early stage to get married.

3. Your child is born before marriage

You will have higher risk of divorce if you have your child before marriage.  On the other hand,  you have slightly lower risk of divorce if your child is born 8 months or more after you marry.  In fact, couples with children will have lower risk of divorce than childless couples.

4. Short period of marriage

Study after study shows us that the critical period of marriage is the first two years.  Additionally, half of all divorces take place by the seventh year of marriage.  Your marriage will stay longer if you maintain it well consistently.

5. You have insufficient annual income

It actually depends on your local area to determine the sufficient annual income you have to earn in order to financially support your happy family.  Financial problems often destroy marriages, since arguments and marital tensions increase when money is tight.

Divorce is a difficult thing to take care of, especially for children. It even worse than living in a two-parent home with marital difficulties.  This fact is not in accordance with the popular belief that children are in better situations if their parents divorce rather than live together.

The power to maintain your marriage well is actually on your hand.  You can actually do whatever you think is good to make your partner feels better.  You know that the key is restoring you and your partner relationship.  Please be cooling down and listen to what your partner’s need.  Try to talk softly and show your love and affection.  A happy, fulfilling relationship begins with you.

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