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Advertise Your Daycare With Flyers and Postcards

One great way of advertising your daycare business is through the use of flyers and postcards. Below we examine some of the elements of good flyer design and consider how a childcare center could go about distributing these kinds of promotions.

Flyers and postcards are a cheap and effective way of getting word out about your business. If you make them yourself at home on your PC with MS Word or by using some of the free online templates that are available you only have to consider printing costs. For a more professional design or to print postcards you will need to use the services of a design professional and a commercial printer.

Daycare Business Flyer and Postcard Design

1) Focus on headlines that draw readers into reading your entire message. Don’t be the one that gets thrown straight in the trash.

2) Include a strong call to action to try and get prospects to call you right away.

3) Postcards and flyers should set out information in a clear and organized way. If it looks too cluttered consider using the reverse side for some of the less important details.

4) Double check spelling and details to make sure that they are correct and that you have included everything that a prospective parent would expect to find. You don’t have to include the prices of your daycare services though.

5) Test a variety of messages and formats to see which ones get a better response.

6) Marketers think that people prefer postcards these days as they are smaller and can be easily filed away for future reference. If you do go with flyers consider attaching a business card to them to give prospects something smaller to hang on to.

7) Seek inspiration from what other service businesses in your area are doing. Borrow ideas from other industries rather from other daycare services.


1) If you have a mailing list then you can post a flyer to everyone on your database. Aside from this method the next best approach for mass distribution is door to door. Be sure to check with your local post office to make sure that you are in compliance with any local ordinances.

2) Once your daycare has opened for business ask mothers to pass on your flyers to other families that they know that have young children.

3) Think about the places where mothers of preschoolers are likely to hang out and try to get your flyers or postcards posted on the walls and notice boards of these businesses and organizations.

4) Team up with other businesses that also target families with children in your area and do a promotion featuring several businesses at once.

Flyers and promotional postcards are still an effective advertising medium for small businesses across the country so don’t listen to those who will tell you that this method is no longer effective. Test it and see for yourself.

You only need a response rate of one or two per 1000 flyers or postcards to make this method cost effective for your daycare business so definitely give it a go and see if it works well as a method of bringing targeted leads into your childcare center.

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