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Lots of trees down in the neighborhood. Natalie hanging with me because the daycare is w/o power. Work on generator power. Pretty crazy!

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Lots of trees down in the neighborhood. Natalie hanging with me because the daycare is w/o power. Work on generator power. Pretty crazy!
daycares near me
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All About Parenting & Child Care – The Mia Connect Power Chat

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Dr. Susan Newman Phd and Dr. Paul Roumeliotis talk Parenting Tips, Child Healthcare, Child Rearing and gave the expert lowdown on raising healthy & balanced kids!

1:40 – BatPack Audience: OneG8Life, Mel-Mel, Jama, Scott Scowcroft, Rayne Dowell, Mick Sharpe, Susan Finch
1:52 – Laura Fabiani Shoutout
2:23 – Revision of Little Things Remembered – updated to accommodate technology. Parents are losing their connection – the antidote for the draw of technologies.
4:12 – The perfect combo between the two guests – it takes a village
3:35 – The Dads Comment!: Mike Bayes, Scott Scowcroft,
5:14 – More about Dr. Susan Newman, PhD.
5:55 – Researching Adult Children who have problems with their parents’ new partner
7:37 – The Holidays – The High Holy Season of Dysfunction, What Kids Remember
9:30 – Stress Less About Perfection – it’s a big waste of time & energy!
10:11 – Average age when a child starts using an I-pad – FRIGHTENING!
11:20 – Debbie Huntington Cherylyn Feierabend, Kirstin Hancock & The Popular Binky
12:20 – Dr. Paul – He’s something else! The very first online pediatrician
13:35 –Knowledge is comfort – the more you know, the better you’ll feel about your child’s health & welfare
15:45 – Focus on the Early Stages – making a difference in the Life Course Perspective
17:17 – Proactive Action! And more hugs
20:02 – Paul’s new book is empowering everyone! Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Caretakers
20:28 – Purple Period of Crying
22:50 – External/Environmental Issues, Pollution, Smoking
25:18 – Parents are role models
26:46 – Language Development (put down the I-pad!) – Children need human contact
28:39 – Setting Electronics Boundaries – Get a cell phone bowl!
29:11 – Dr. Paul – the Benefits of Reading, Interaction with Children, Stimulation is Key
31:31 – Social Interactions & Ability to Relate to peers develop early
31: 40 – Jeff Sieh & Xbox Timing
32:40 – Keeping up with the Joneses – “Competitive Parenting”
34:34 – Preparing your toddler for college  – The inane pressure!
35:03 – Stress in Kids, Young Adults, Crazy Toilet Training Expectations, College In Diapers
39:39 – Put the phone away at the table!
42:20 – Pay attention!
42:54 – Unplug & Hang out with your kids
43:35 – Elaine Neiberding – Actual Books
44:00 – Tons of great advice from the Doctors, sleep deprivation, asking for help
48:25 – Trust your gut in your parenting style!
49:03 – The Book of No – http://www.thebookofno.com/
50:50 – What’s On Section – What’s on your reading list
54:45 – Susan’s Call to Action – CASA/Guardian Ad Litem susannewmanphd.com
56:37 – Dr. Paul’s Call to Action
57:49 – Tom Collins – we need to address grandparents next time!

Dr. +Susan Newman, PhD
Dr. Susan is a social psychologist and author of 14 books. She is the stepmother of four children and mother of one who focuses on problems affecting family. She writes a parenting blog for Psychology Today magazine that covers complicated questions such as how many children to have and the anxieties of raising them—from worries about a young child’s imaginary friends to college grads, returning to the nest. www.susannewmanphd.com 

*Dr. Paul  Roumeliotis* +thedrpaul – The World’s 1st Pediatrician Online
www.drpaul.com With years of front-line medical experience as founder and former director of one of the busiest university-hospital clinics in North America, assistant professor of Pediatrics and former Director of Multiformat Health Communications, McGill University, DR. PAUL has earned a reputation as a down-to-earth communicator who encourages parents to become active and informed participants in the care of their children’s health and well-being. 

As the first on-line pediatrican in the world, Dr. Paul is revolutionizing health communications by bridging the gap between media producers and health professionals. As both an accomplished media developer and producer, and a respected medical expert, DR. PAUL produces state of the art educational health resources, which are trustworthy, accessible and informative. Dr. Paul’s latest book is entitled: *Baby Comes Home:  A Parent’s Guide to a Healthy and Well First 18 Months* http://www.influencepublishing.com/dr-paul/

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