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Daycare is Expensive (Preschool Teacher Rant)

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Community Spotlight: Little Sprouts Daycare and Preschool

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Best Preschool and Child Day Care Center near me in Paramus, Bergen County, New Jersey 07652 – 07653

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Daycare is Expensive (Preschool Teacher Rant)

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Creating Fun and Informational Preschool Flyers

Here are a few tips on how to create extremely highly informational ads with designs suitable for kids. Typically for daycare and preschool centers, they need a long amount of information to be explained so as to fully promote and advertise your service.

But this should not affect the creative appeal of your flyer because it will also need to cater to kids that is why it should also have colorful pictures and fun filled graphics to attract their attention. That is why proper planning is needed when creating promotional materials such as these to meld the two elements together.

Melding togetehr two items that are opposites would be a serious challenge indeed, but you must find the correct balance between the two for your flyer to be effective. Don’t worry because there are some tips that can help you make an advertising flyer appeal children and yet become informative at the same time.

The first option would be to make the simple back to back design wherein you fill the front page with colorful texts to attract the children. Here you can unleash your creativity without any sort of restrictions. With this, you can focus the back part of your flyer to put in all the necessary details and information that you want to say. It would be better to choose an image with a bright colored background since these will attract children more, not to mention it can avoid the possibility of being mistaken for a university flyer which are more mature in aesthetics.

Another way in which you can make your flyer would be to put the information on the graphics. You can do this by choosing simple geometric shapes such as squares, circles, and triangles an then putting all the information you want to say inside the shape. You can also mix in some photos and put them inside the shapes; this will make your flyer fun, informative and easy to read.

But one of the most fun ways to design a flyer would be to make them have pop out graphics. Nothing is as boring as reading an ad material with the text and graphics entirely separated down the middle. By using the style of picture books and popping out the pictures, you can combine the two elements by having the graphics pop out where the text is located. Using this method even a very long explanation will not seem boring and your readers will have fun in reading about your business and services.

Never forget that no matter how serious you are in your business, you should never forget your primary clientèle-the children. Always keep in mind that when making designs for businesses such as preschool or daycare centers should always revolve around the children that you will be handling. Even though you are offering your services to their parents which are adults, setting the lay out and design to be appealing to children will always give you added bonus points, no matter how serious the content of your flyer is.

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Tips For People Doing Preschool Fundraising

Tips For People Doing Preschool Fundraising

Preschool is a vital part to the life of children because this helps them prepare themselves for the different rigors of school while providing short tem daycare for the said children at the same time. Preschool fundraising can be really tough at times especially if the people who do this ask donations from people who don’t even have children. This is why a lot of preschools find it really difficult to raise the money that they need to have so that they can keep their daily operations running. This is especially true for schools that are running solely on private funds.

One of the main problems of people who do preschool fundraising is that they tend to draw in members of the community who do not make use of their services. If a school is a part of a certain church, it can get participants from there even if some members don’t have kids. In addition, parents who are already paying tuition fees may feel that they are giving a little bit too much if they’re going to be asked to give in donations to the school. With this, you need to fund unique fundraising ideas that will be of great appeal to your community. Fortunately, there is a wide array of these types of fundraising ideas that will enable you to catch the interests of people in your area so that you can get the net profit that you need.

Rather than depending on a candy fundraiser, it would be a better choice for you to involve the kids in your school in your different fundraising campaigns. In addition, you can also send letters to the parents of your students so that you can get volunteers and ideas as well. Even though students that go to preschools are really young, they can already take part in different events such as bike-a-thons, dance contests, and art shows. To make your fundraising efforts really good for your students, you can include a learning experience to the mix. For example, if the kids in your school are currently learning about colors and painting, you can ask them to draw out their creative juices by making colorful drawings and paintings, which you can then feature in an art show. You can then ask the kids to sell their artworks during the exhibit. This fundraiser idea will surely be a huge hit as to the reason that parents, grandparents, and other people close to your students would be most willing to lend a helping hand by purchasing artworks that their precious child has made.

Another good fundraiser idea for preschools that you can try out would be doing rentals. This is a good idea if you own your own building or if you have a landlord that will let you sublet. You can rent out a space for people who are looking for a place where they can hold meetings. On the other hand, you can also turn your place into a school in the morning and a martial arts classroom in the evening.

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Child Care Blue Island | Daycare And Preschool Questions

Accreditation and citification are two big questions you should ask any child care you are thinking of placing your child with. Although to some degree they are the same there is a big difference between the two.


When speaking of certification you are asking about state and local rules requiring some child care providers to be certified by a licensing authority, often the state’s office of child services. In most states, not all child care providers are required to be certified.

The rules vary from state to state and can be found by calling the state office or searching online for your state’s licensing requirements. The certification rules will normally set the maximum child teacher ratio, education of the teachers, and other basic facility rules. Certified child cares are also required to pass inspections by state officials.

Because there is not minimum number of children to be certified most child care and daycares should be if only to show they are meeting minimum standards of care.


Accreditation in a different story. There are several large nationwide organizations and many small regions ones who have set different standards for care and education by participation child care providers.

The rules vary, but generally cover things such as child teacher ratios, teacher education, safety measures, and education curriculum. These organizations may also offer different levels of membership depending on what level of care the school provides.

Generally only child care centers seek accreditation from national organization because of the cost and complexity of the process, however sometime you will find high quality home daycare accredited.

Because the rules of accreditation vary widely between different organization if is best to spend a couple of minutes and research the organization your possible school is accredited by. A quick online search or call to the local child services offices should give you great insight into the quality of the program.

The leading national organization is the National Association for the Education of Young Children; they have high standards so you will often find the better providers in an area accredited by them.

When looking for a child care or daycare for your child it is important to ask about both certification and accreditation. Only by asking, will you know what you need to make the best possible choice for you and your child.

Devin Murray is a child care expert, teacher and author who regularly contributes articles and videos about finding the right child care for you and your child. To learn more visit: http://www.BlueIslandChildCare.com

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Blue Island Daycare – Child Care And Preschool

When looking to place your child in Blue Island daycare a key item to look for is the procedure they school has set up for when the caregiver is ill. This should be looked at carefully because it can affect how your experience and that of your child will be.

Home Based Daycare

This takes on an even larger role when looking at a home based daycare. With a home based program, ask what happens if the caregiver becomes sick, who will take over for them or will you need to take the day off to care for your child.

Also ask about how will be taking over, is it somebody with the same level of experience, a person your child already know. Young kids are comforted by consistency in their lives. Changing caregivers to somebody they don’t know can be upsetting. Can the replacement handle the workload of all the children?

Another item to look at is where the sick caregiver will be. Will they continue to be with the or near the kids or will they be somewhere else.
All of these are question you should ask and receive good answer to when looking at placing your child in a home based daycare.

Daycare Center

With daycare centers, there are often more options available if a caregiver becomes ill but you still should ask about what the plan is when it happens.
If the daycare is at or near the maximum teacher/child ratio ask what happens, is an off duty teacher called in, does the office staff take over? Are the replacements qualified and will there be continuity of programs?

Will programs be combined, so older and younger kids who don’t normally play together will be? Are there procedures set for this? This can be a really problem when the weather is bad and older and younger kids play together, sometime the action becomes rougher than young children need.

In better schools, you will find they operate with more than the minimum number of teachers, this generally has several teachers in a classroom, and if one becomes ill, the others can take over without the children noticing.

Regardless of the type of program, ask about what the plan is when caregivers become sick. There are no hard and fast rules as to what is and is not okay, that is up to you are the parent to decide. However, knowing what the plan is in advance will allow you to choose the daycare option that is best for you and your child.

Devin Murray is a professional author who regularly contributes articles and videos on child care and daycare. To learn more about picking the right daycare for your needs visit http://www.blueislandchildcare.com

Crest Hill Daycare | Child Care | Preschool

A key question to ask any daycare is what is their staff turnover. This is important for many different reasons and plays into how enjoyable your experience with the daycare will be.

Staff turnover is how often the child care needs to replace workers. The longer the period the better. If a daycare is replacing all of its workers every year, you know there will almost always be new faces in the school.

The need to replace teachers is a drain on the school, it takes time out of the administrator’s day to place ads, interview and orientate new employees.

The level of turnover will also have a direct effect on your child. Child like a high level of consistency in their life. There is already a certain level of fearfulness when they come to a daycare, this is very natural.

However, if every day when the children arrive the same teachers and same friends are there it helps them to feel secure. The lower the turnover the fewer time your child will need to get accustomed to new teachers. This will help with your child’s enjoyment of the preschool environment.

Low turnover is a great indicator of staff moral and happiness. When the staff is not leaving this is a good sign that they are happy with their jobs and with the child care center. This happiness cannot help but to show through into everything else they do.

When staff shows up happy about their job they are friendlier and more likely to make an effort to have everything go well.

Children are very good at noticing this, the subtle cues about happiness, and often act on it. We have all experienced coming home upset but putting on a happy face, yet our children see right through it and become sad. The exact same thing can happen with their teacher. Happy teachers will cause your child to be happier in the end.

As you can see the amount of staff turnover is a great indicator of how well you will enjoy a daycare experience. It is a question you should ask about every child care center you visit and use to help pick the best Crest Hill Daycare for you and your child.

Devin Murray is a daycare professional and educator who regularly writes contributes articles and videos about finding the right daycare for your needs. To get more great information visit http://www.bestcresthilldaycare.com

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How To Start a Daycare Or Preschool Today!

Day care centers are something there will always be a need for in today’s society. These days, many parents work and need somewhere to leave their children during the day. You might have even considered setting one up in your own home. As you do your research on how to start a daycare you’ll come across many things you’ll have to consider before your daycare is licensed correctly with your state.  But have you considered starting a preschool instead of a daycare?

When you think of how to start a daycare, you must consider that you’ll be watching children everyday. You must have a love for kids to work in daycare, or you will not want this job. Why not teach them as well? 

Most daycares teach kids some during the day, but are not considered a preschool because they just call themselves a daycare. A preschool is more organized and has lesson plans for the children to do each day while they are with you. This makes the day go by faster and a lot easier.

Choosing to have a preschool can also help you to fill spots a lot easier. Many stay at home moms need a break once in awhile. They will send their child to preschool all day or even half a day so that they are learning new things. Many parents feel more comfortable with the idea of sending their child to a preschool than daycare. A lot of stay at home parents just consider daycare a babysitter, but preschool is designed to help their child grow and learn. This is really worth considering when you look into how to start a daycare.

If you were to learn how to start a daycare, a lot of the rules apply for starting a preschool. You will need to have a certain amount of adults per child. You will need safety measures in place such as a changing table and no pets out with the children.

These little things will help you get your license set up and have a great place to show parents when they make the decision if they want to leave their child with you or somewhere else.  Starting a preschool is a great way to make money and help your local neighborhood out!

Joy Anderson successfully started a preschool in her home after first considering starting a daycare.


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