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Fort Street Veterinarian Adds Dr. Kara Rogers to Its Roster

Fort Street Veterinarian, located on the corner of 144th and Fort Street in Northwest Omaha, has added Dr. Kara Rogers, DVM, MBA, to its roster in order to better serve the growing number of pets and their owners now coming to the clinic.

“We’re very excited to have Dr. Rogers on board,” said Dr. Jerry Busselman, owner and founder of Fort Street Veterinarian. “Our clinic is attracting greater numbers of clients every month so we’re delighted to have another experienced and talented veterinarian available full time to help us meet patient needs. In addition, Dr. Rogers’ expertise in business and marketing is a real plus. I’m sure that her contributions to the growth and success of our clinic will be significant.”

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, the daughter of a veterinarian, Dr. Rogers says she grew up in a vet clinic and had a mother who allowed Rogers to own and raise an assortment of pets including squirrels, birds, guinea pigs and hamsters, raccoons, a goat, a pony and numerous cats and dogs. However, in spite of her abiding love for animals, Rogers didn’t first choose to pursue a career in veterinary science. Instead, she attended the University of Kansas where she graduated with a BS degree in business administration. She then went on to work for Hallmark Cards, Inc., in Kansas City as a financial analyst and a marketing research analyst.

After three years, however, Rogers realized she wasn’t happy in her work and knew that she needed to make a change. Given her exposure to veterinary medicine at a very young age, and many years working in a variety of different veterinary clinics, doggy daycares, and boarding facilities, veterinary medicine seemed to be the perfect fit. As a result, she moved back to Lawrence, Kansas, where she worked full time as a kennel manager at a local vet clinic to complete the required curriculum to gain entry into veterinary medical school. She attended Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, eventually graduating with both a doctor of veterinary medicine degree (DVM) and a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). She also received several accolades, including the Gentle Doctor Award for excellence in compassionate patient care and relating to clients, and the Abbott Animal Health Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Award for excellence in emergency medicine.

In 2012, she moved to Omaha and has since accumulated vast experience in treating small animals, pocket pets, reptiles, and even birds of prey. She also has become proficient in emergency and critical care veterinary medicine having worked side by side with several veterinarians in a multi-doctor practice.

Dr. Rogers says her passion is working with rescue animals, especially bully breed rescues. She has fostered and trained many Pit Bulls, helping them to find their forever home instead of being euthanized because of their breed. She owns two rescued dogs, Bean, a Pit Bull/Mastiff mix, and Maddox, a Pit Bull, as well as three rescued cats, Moo, Scooter, and a crazy Bengal named Chip.

“I’m delighted to be at Fort Street Veterinarian and part of such a talented and experienced team,” said Rogers. “Since I graduated from veterinary school, I have been searching for a clinic that shares the same goals and values that I do – high-quality, compassionate medicine, a great experience for both the patient and the client, and a strong team that focuses on teamwork, learning, and being the best at what they do. I also am very excited to share my extensive business background and help the clinic grow. This team is so friendly, fun and welcoming. As far as I’m concerned, this is my dream job.”

From new kitten and puppy exams to senior wellness care, to specialized medical and surgical services, Fort Street Veterinarian gives pets the quality care and attention they deserve to keep them healthy and happy for a lifetime. The clinic is located at 14345 Fort Street in Omaha, NE and was founded in 2004 by Dr. Jerry Busselman, DVM. Three experienced veterinarians are on staff including Dr. Busselman, Dr. Shauna Tordrup, DVM, and Dr. Kara Rogers, DVM and MBA, along with a support team of vet technicians and receptionists. Hours for the clinic are 7AM to 5:30PM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; 7AM to 8PM on Thursdays and 8PM to Noon on Saturdays. More information and customer reviews about “Omaha’s Family Vet” can be found at http://www.fortstreetvet.com and on the clinic’s Facebook® page.