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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift – Could Save His Life

by Marika

On the eve of Father’s Day 2006 I nearly lost my husband, the father of five children, in an auto water immersion accident. Fortunately, he miraculously escaped his sinking car, but would have avoided his traumatic ordeal if he had known that the only reliable way to break a car window is to use a tool made specifically for this purpose.

Annually, hundreds of people can avoid similar experiences and even death in water immersion accidents if they had reliable auto escape tools, the perfect Father’s Day gift! Most people don’t know that a car window is made of tempered glass. It is so strong you can hit it with a brick and it won’t break. Many dry land deaths, where a person is trapped in his/her car, can also be prevented if the driver or passenger kept a tool that is designed to cut a seat belt.

There are several auto escape tools available to the public that claim they are effective. But I have found only a few that are reliable enough that even police, fire and rescue, and EMS departments use them. One is a tool called a life hammer that will shatter a car window and slice through a jammed seat belt, allowing you to escape with your life.

Another is a key chain version of a life hammer which will also cut a seat belt and break a car window. A key chain auto escape tool will fit comfortably on your key chain but is also powerful enough to break a tempered glass car window and slice through a seat belt like a hot knife through butter. 

Police Officer Ashton Packe had this to say about his experience with the key chain auto escape tool: “On 8/22/05 I responded to a head-on collision where one vehicle was on fire with the driver trapped inside. Thanks to the key chain auto escape tool, I was able to instantly shatter the window and with the help of my partner drag the unconscious driver away, just as the car became fully engulfed in flames”.

Oleg Cytowicz was assisting as a volunteer fireman at the scene of a horrible auto accident in New Jersey. His partner hit the window with a life hammer to gain access. “A life hammer is quick, effective, requires no training – and it’s reliable and durable. 

Because these tools have been proven to be effective at breaking a car window and cutting a jammed seat belt, I knew a life hammer and key chain auto escape tool were the perfect Father’s Day gifts for my husband. Both can save lives. A good quality life hammer will sell for about $ 15.00 and a key chain auto escape tool for less than $ 10.00.

Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that someone close to me would experience a near death situation, but they did. Don’t let this happen to you or a loved one.  Give him a Father’s Day gift that could save his life.

These tools are the perfect Father’s Day gift. They will give you “peace of mind” knowing that, in an auto emergency, your loved ones are protected.

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