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Governor Ivey Says All Daycare Centers Should Be Licensed By The State

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Some Points You Should Be Taking Care of in Order to Avoid Divorce

You should get the best information when you see your marriage is in trouble in order to avoid it from divorce.  You should have knowledge on the factors that can harm your marriage, even though you have nothing to worry about currently.  But be careful, suddenly you will be awaken when your spouse rings you an alarm.

As you know, marriage is fluctuating, it’s up and down.  It takes some efforts to stabilize the fluctuations and make it safe.  You need to improve your marriage to make it better day by day.

At least, there are five factors that can lead you to divorce that you need to be aware of.  When you find these factors apply to your situations, at least you know that you need to face and solve it.  And if it is required, you need to get assistance from marriage counselor to work the issues that you are facing.

1. Living together before marriage

Some, especially young people think that if they live together before marriage will give them better understanding on each other.  They think that they need to first have a test if they choose the right partner for the rest of their life.  But the fact is on the opposite site. The chances of getting divorce is even greater by living together before marriage than if you were already engaged before hand and getting marry soon after you move in together.

 2. Too young to get married

Some studies prove that marital stability is also supported by certain level of age of marriage.  The younger you are when you get married, the higher possibility you have to get divorce.  The age of twenty is considered the early stage to get married.

3. Your child is born before marriage

You will have higher risk of divorce if you have your child before marriage.  On the other hand,  you have slightly lower risk of divorce if your child is born 8 months or more after you marry.  In fact, couples with children will have lower risk of divorce than childless couples.

4. Short period of marriage

Study after study shows us that the critical period of marriage is the first two years.  Additionally, half of all divorces take place by the seventh year of marriage.  Your marriage will stay longer if you maintain it well consistently.

5. You have insufficient annual income

It actually depends on your local area to determine the sufficient annual income you have to earn in order to financially support your happy family.  Financial problems often destroy marriages, since arguments and marital tensions increase when money is tight.

Divorce is a difficult thing to take care of, especially for children. It even worse than living in a two-parent home with marital difficulties.  This fact is not in accordance with the popular belief that children are in better situations if their parents divorce rather than live together.

The power to maintain your marriage well is actually on your hand.  You can actually do whatever you think is good to make your partner feels better.  You know that the key is restoring you and your partner relationship.  Please be cooling down and listen to what your partner’s need.  Try to talk softly and show your love and affection.  A happy, fulfilling relationship begins with you.

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Georgia’s Independence – Why We Should Care

These are troubled times we live in. The independent free nation of Georgia has been violated by a larger, stronger nation that is run by a man with dreams of empire. Mr. Vladimir Putin, an ex-KGB officer, has instigated a national push to rebuild the power and glory of the old Soviet Union. The idea is to take advantage of the weaker states around Russia first. Then, if the tide of world opinion doesn’t sweep the Russians back, they will advance upon other hapless victims in their quest, once again, for world superpower status.

The Russians took their first baby steps with the attacks on the Chechnians under the guise of retaliation against the “rebels”. Although some response was necessary, in my view, the response was way too harsh for the alleged crimes against Russia. I beleive that this was a test to see the response of world opinion. Once it was clear that there would be no great outcry, the Russians decided to plan and proceed with their next step. Georgia was the obvious choice and the ultimate test to determine if their plans of domination would be halted or even slowed by the free world. So far, it appears as if there is no great opposition to their plans.If the russians get away with abusing a free country like Georgia, there is no stopping them when they move to the next logical choice. That would the Ukraine.

After taking these steps, the rest of the countries in the area would be taken, one at a time, with nothing but useless words hurled at the Russians. I think it has been proven to everyone’s satisfaction that words bounce off the Russians like rubber chickens off their t-72 tanks. If I were a citizen of Latvia or Lithuania, I would be planning an emigration to America. They’re on the list.

Where is the line drawn? Why does the free world allow this potential future threat to happen? It must be said here that it will be far easier to stop the Russians in the free nation of Georgia than in the plains of Europe. This is just my opinion, but I know that others feel the same way. The world doesn’t need another war, cold, nuclear, brush fire or otherwise. Let someone stand up and say No!

Should I Place My Child in Daycare?

Is daycare the right thing for my child?

This is a question that my wife, Angela and I asked ourselves on a daily basis, and would be a topic of conversation as we are laying in bed at night. I worked 12 hours per day (and sometimes more) and many times would have to work out of state for months upon end, without seeing my wife and children. The hours were so demanding that I could not even fly home on weekends.

At this stage in our lives, my wife tossed around the decision of going back to work so I could take a pay cut. The idea was… If both of us were working 40 hours per week, I could get out of the industry that I was in and actually work in the state in which I lived so I could be part of the family once again. However, we had to think about whether placing our children in child care was the right thing to do for them, and for us. It was a decision that we were very reluctant to make. It just didn’t seem right that someone else should spend more time with our children than we would. Now don’t get me wrong, we were not opposed to placing them into the environment of daycare here and there, to give them interaction with other children and for them to learn structure early on in life. We just did not want them to be there full time.

We had to think about the environment in which our children would be in, the diverse attitudes that our children would be exposed to from others in the group, and the educational content they would receive. Another thing that scared us was the stories that you here about children who get severely injured in daycare because the lack of supervisory-to-children ratio at the daycare facility. Sad to say, but at the time we were looking into daycare for our children, we heard on the news about a child who died in a swimming pool because there were not enough attendants to keep an eye on the children.

The other thing Angela and I had to think about was the cost of daycare, and whether there would be a cost benefit. After looking at the numbers, my wife would essentially be working to cover the $ 300.00 cost/week of daycare, and the wages that I would have made would barely cover the house payment, not to mention other cost of running and maintaining a home.

After coming up with several option, we concluded that I should give the home business industry another try. I had dabbled in the industry for several years before this point and never had any real levels of success. However, we knew that people were actually making it, and thought we would make another attempt. After days of searching, we finally found a website of a guy who was living the life we desired, and many people had quit there jobs after replacing their full time income with the simplicity of the system that had been in operation since 2001.

This was a blessing that showed up in our life because it made all of our problems go away. I was able to quit my job, my wife did not have to go back to work, and our children were never placed in daycare on a full time basis. In fact, the only time we placed them in daycare was to give them the interaction with other children for a couple days per week. This also gave Angela and I the opportunity to spend some quality time together as Husband and Wife.

So if you are contemplating placing your children in children in daycare, you may want to explore other option that may turn out to be more of a benefit to you, personally and financially.

Make It A Great Day!
You and your children deserve it.

Ed Mercer has worked with some of the Top Direct Sales Consultants in the industry. He successfully used the home business industry to save his home from going into foreclosure and now earns more in a month than most make in year. Since then, it has been his pursuit to assist others in living a life of happiness, abundance and prosperity.

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