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Features To Look For When Choosing IVR Solutions

Voice automated software has been changing the way businesses interact with their customers. They allow businesses to not only reduce total overhead costs, but they allow them to quickly and efficiently serve clients. When considering an IVR system, a company must consider feature sets that will allow them to align with current business processes and company goals.

Ease of Use

A system should not be complicated to use. Stakeholders within an organization are not always technically inclined. But, they shouldn’t also have to be. A good voice automated system is easy to use and very intuitive. It should not give users headaches during the creation stages. Once a company has defined business processes, it should just be a matter of taking that information and implementing it within the system. A system that is difficult to use will cause more headaches than solve problems.

No Coding

Coding is meant for developers, it’s not meant for people who develop the high-level business processes of a company. Besides ease of use, a system should allow users to create highly sophisticated applications without having to spend hours trying to learn the code and then spending more time trying to make it work with the system. Many good systems today have taken this complexity out, by doing all the “dirty work” on the back-end. Instead of code, many systems today allow users to simply drag and drop objects on a worksheet to create a good call flow scenario. This will allow a company to create applications in a shorter time frame; mainly because the learning curve is much smaller. This also means that it can easily be maintained.

Managing Voice Prompts

When a customer calls in to a company for support, the first things they hear are the voice commands that direct the user to take the appropriate action. Nothing is more professional than using the correct grammar. If a customer calls in for support and hears incorrect grammar being used at the voice prompts, they will not have a good professional image of the company. This one detail may give customers the impression that they really don’t care about them.

A company should also allow the system to be customizable in multiple languages. If a company has an existing database with thousands of voice prompts, a good voice system should allow users to import them in and customize them accordingly. Time will be saved here because the need to create a whole new set of voice prompts is eliminated.

Management Tool Should Be Web-Based

A company should not forget that the voice-automated system would still need to be monitored. Good systems will allow users to manage it without having to be in the same physical location. An administrator should be able to quickly deploy, manage, configure and analyze the applications that are running on a company’s network. A system should allow users to make modifications to the system while it is operating. There should not be any downtime whatsoever.

Standard Reports

What good is a voice-automated system if a company cannot properly capture the transactions that occur between a company and its customers. A system should provide a standard set of reports that are formatted in a professional way. Stakeholders may need to present these reports to upper management. It’s also important to have the ability to create a set of custom reports that can be customized on specific criteria. Good reports will allow a company to see areas that are inefficient and to make the necessary adjustments. They will also allow a company to properly plan for staffing requirements.

A company needs to seriously consider the features above when considering IVR solutions. Speech recognition software is helping many companies reach their goals. automated phone software is a needed tool for any company that seriously wants to reduce total overhead costs while enhancing the service levels provided to all its customers.

Kathryn Dawson writes articles for Vicorp, leading experts when it comes to automated call centre technology solutions, phone applications and IVR speech recognition. Vicorp has many years of experience in designing, implementing, supporting and optimising pioneering automated phone software for organisations of all sizes. They provide flexible and measurable ivr solutions, tailored to the clients brand and backed by their own investment in industry experts and leading technology.

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