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Surly Long Haul Trucker touring bike

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Surly Long Haul Trucker touring bike
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Image by insidestory
My bike a year and thousand miles later. Added a front rack. Read more here

What’s In My Bag 4.27.2015
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Image by Klara Kim
Well, I missed 2014 because I was busy getting married, going to Burning Man, and having a baby on the very last day of the year. If you are wondering what I’m up to you can friend me on Facebook (dot com slash klara) or Instagram (yourfriendklara). If I can’t tell who you are I may not know to friend you back because random people keep trying to friend me, sorry.

Aw, no more notes feature.

So I wanted to take a photo to commemorate what I packed for Joaquin’s first day at daycare and my first day back to work, not including my separate pumping bag.

For me: work key lanyard, lunch to hurriedly eat while figuring out pumping at work, phone with a 30 second video of Joaquin acting hungry because it’s supposed to help me pump more milk, wallet, knife, house keys, car key, hairbrush, water bottle.

For Joaquin: more milk than he could possibly drink in 8 hours, formula in case he is some kind of super baby who eats more than he’s supposed to be able to eat in 8 hours, diapers, wipes, daycare paperwork and immunization records, extra pacifier, white noise owl, a stuffed puppy lovey I’ve been carrying around in my shirt so it’ll smell like me, a shirt with the same idea, muslin blanket, halo sleepsack, extra clothes, two kinds of bottles in case he refuses one.

2005 – Liverpool, UK
2008 – Urbana, IL
2010 – Milpitas, CA
2011– San Jose Japantown, CA
2012– downtown San Jose, CA
2013– San Mateo, CA
2015– San Mateo, CA

home sick – fresh from his nap with his baby blanket and his beanie-baby kitty – _MG_9306
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Image by sean dreilinger
sequoia stayed home sick today. after work, i took him to urgent care and the doctor diagnosed him with bronchiolitis, which explains why he couldn’t sleep all night, and why his breathing sounds like darth vader on speed.

copyright © 2008 sean dreilinger

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view home sick – fresh from his nap with his baby blanket and his beanie-baby kitty – _MG_9306 on a black background.