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Navy daycare workers want better protection from coronavirus

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Want To Open Your Own Child Care Center?

The one dilemma that parents face each day as they prepare for work is whether their child is receiving the absolute best care in their absence. They want to know their chosen daycare provides learning opportunities, healthy food and a fun environment. It’s with these considerations many leave their government jobs, administrative jobs and even their engineering careers to open their own daycare centers. Think you could provide exceptional child care in your own small business? A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder of Hound.com says it takes more than a love for children to open, operate and ensure a successful child care center. There are legalities and compliance issues that are required, as well as a good business plan. While not overwhelming, it is crucial these issues are addressed.

Questions you’ll need to ask yourself include:

Do I want a home-based child care center or should I lease/buy property?
Will I provide after school pick up services for school age children?
What ages will I allow? Infants younger than six weeks? Children older than ten?
What legal structure will I set my small business up as?
Is there a need for a child care center in my community?
How will I handle billing matters? How will I handle late payments?
What will my mission statement be?
Can I require employees to undergo drug testing? Polygraphs?
Where will I find my employees? How many will I need to hire?

You’ll also need to consider your business plan, management plan and training policies. There are many benefits to considering a training program. You’ll be able to assure parents of your capabilities and dedication, as well as those capabilities of your employees. Finally, there are those health considerations that will require a solid plan should they occur. Flu season always presents difficult logistics problems for child center owners. How will you handle those parents who drop off their sick children? Medications children take will also require a dispensing and safety procedure.

We might not be able to help you with the age parameters of the children, but when you’re ready to find qualified employment candidates in your area, we invite you to consider Hound.com. Many of the nation’s top employers find their talent with Hound.com. A. Harrison Barnes developed this unique job aggregation site to bring the best talent to those employers looking for the brightest, experienced and educated job seekers. And the best part? As an employer, you won’t be charged for your job listing. No ads, no subscription fees of any kind and access to those job candidates in your area – what could be better?

This leaves you to deal with the details of opening and operating your child care center without the stresses of finding the ideal job candidate. Before long, you’ll be a small business owner providing an invaluable solution to working parents in your community. That, for many, is the epitome of success.

Elizabeth Martinez – Ph.D. – Organizational Psychology. Provides you with a deep level of insight into your career direction and career development.

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