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Health department revokes license of daycare where women were charged with child abuse

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Dr. Veronica Anderson Offers Scholarships for Conference that Empowers Women in Work Life Balance & Success

(PRWEB) April 02, 2015

Noted medical doctor and alternative healthcare practitioner, Dr. Veronica Anderson, has taken a personal interest in the female empowering Warrior Women Project. In addition to her role as a conference guest speaker, Dr. Veronica will be generously assisting 20 women to attend Warrior Women Project’s Bold and Balanced conference with a $ 1000 scholarship towards the conference tuition. All that is required to receive the scholarship is a code, which is available on The Warrior Women Project scholarship page.

Annette Comer, head of the Warrior Women Project and Bold and Balanced conference director, recognizes the overwhelming need for professional activities that lend support to high-performance women. She has long been advocating on behalf of women in business, and has developed women-centric training that addresses issues such as the impact of hormonal changes in the workplace and self-sabotaging behavior. She understands how rare these types of conferences are and the influence they can have on the ability of women to excel in what remains largely “a man’s world.”

Ms. Comer adds that access to many of the most prominent women in America today, such as Marissa Mayer of Yahoo, Mary Barra of General Motors, and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, is understandably limited. The Bold & Balanced agenda includes an impressive list of speakers who will share their strategies for succeeding in business while balancing a holistic personal life. She also notes that most corporate conventions for women are little more than vacations, and what women truly want and need are work life balance alternatives that speak directly to them.

Comer is adamant that those who attend Bold & Balanced will come away with newly discovered motivation, power, and understanding. Attendees will learn the skills necessary for advancing the female presence in corporate boardrooms and at upper managerial hierarchy levels. Most men have mentors, but there is a severe shortage of qualified mentors among women.

Another issue career women face is the lack of caretaker support since they are the ones who typically assume that role. Comer notes the U.S. Department of Labor statistic that women make 80% of family health care decisions; they not only determine the healthcare provider, but also develop eating plans and physical activities. The crux of the issue is that while most top-performing men have wives that maintain the home and provide childcare, the reverse is rarely true for career women. The Bold and Balanced conference will specifically address this issue as well.

About Dr. Veronica Anderson:

Dr. Veronica has appeared on all major news networks including NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News Network, and CNN. She has been published multiple times on Huffington Post. She hosts the radio show, Wellness for the REAL World on BlogTalkRadio. She is an avid proponent of combining traditional Western medical care with holistic and alternative remedies. Dr. Veronica M.D. is headquartered at 1485 Fifth Ave. #19-D New York, New York. Contact Dr. Veronica at 609.577.9893 or online at: info@drveronica.com.

About Annette Comer:

Annette Comer is one of the nation’s leading authorities on high performance and the bestselling author of Rescue Me! She simultaneously managed four successful companies in varied industries and still found the time to build a strong marriage, travel extensively, and teach yoga. The Warrior Women Project is headquartered at 203 Green Violet Dr. Covington, VA 24426. Contact Annette at 804.293.0336 or online at: http://www.warriorwomenproject.com

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