Tennille Smalls (Child Care Relief campaign ad)

The child care industry is facing a major crisis across the country. Here in Connecticut, Tennille Smalls, a family child care provider in New Haven (also representing All Our Kin & CERCLE) shares a front-line account of how COVID-19 is impacting her family child care program.
Child care is an essential pillar of the American economy. If parents are expected to return to work, there must be access to stable and safe child care. Before COVID-19, there was a child care shortage nationwide. After COVID-19, the shortage will likely become worse.
We urge Congress to pass the Child Care Stabilization Fund with $50 billion to stabilize the country’s child care industry through the end of 2020. To learn more, visit childcarerelief.org. To reach out to our U.S. Senators, use this link – https://act.nwlc.org/a/demand-child-care-funding

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