The Forbidden Chair (Trailer)


Carmona Pictures
Director: Julissa Carmona
Producer: Sophia Leang and Ryan Watt
DP: Bill Miller


Who did it belong to before it entered your life?

Set in present day New York City, “The Forbidden Chair” is a story of a young, naive woman, Faith, who after purchasing an antique chair from a thrift shop finds herself involved in a series of catastrophic events.
For FAITH, a 30 something, caregiver the closest thing to motherhood is working at a daycare center – it seems having a child of her own was not in her future.

One day Faith wanders into a local thrift shop and spots a distinctive looking antique chair, she immediately forms a connection to the chair. To her disappointment, she finds out the chair is for display only and not for sale. Hoping the chair would one day be for sale, Faith leaves her name and number with the thrift store manager, HITCH. Through a sequence of odd events the chair suddenly becomes available for purchase. Faith is contacted with the great news and decides to make the purchase even against her HUSBAND’S wishes.

Soon after, things that at first seem to be good omens are in fact disguised dangers lurking around Faith. Her first good omen begins with the discovery of her pregnancy. As Faith’s pregnancy progresses, her obsession with it deepens; she fails to notice her life crumbling around her. One by one the most important and secure resources in her life start to vanish. After her husband’s death, she becomes keenly suspicious of the antique chair. She begins to piece the puzzle together; amidst the darkness unfolding around her. She is in a race against time to find out the origins of the antique chair and save her life and that of her unborn child.

“The Forbidden Chair” is a horror, supernatural drama written and to be directed by Julissa Carmona.

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