This Mother Arrives Early At Daycare And Discovers Her Baby Locked In A Cupboard

This Mother Arrives Early At Daycare And DiscoversHer Baby Locked In A Cupboard Becoming a parent is something that many menand women want.

However, being a loving, caring and patientmother or father is not always easy because it is a heartbreaking change for the parentwho sees his identity, his place, his role and his daily life changed dramatically.

Indeed, to have a child is to leave his placeas a teenager or a young adult for the one, not just an adult but as an independent adultresponsible for his offspring.

However, between the personal life and theprofessional career, it is sometimes essential to use the nursery or daycare.

Moreover, this mother had to resort to thismode of guard but she made a terrible discovery.

The terrible story of this mother of the familySydneyZimmerman and her husband are the happy parents of an adorable little boy named Slade.

Although happy with their family, parentsare forced to use the daycare to get to their jobs, respectively.

One day, while Sydney was early to pick upher son, she made a shocking discovery.

Slade, instead of being with the other childrenplaying or napping quietly, was sitting in a car seat and locked in a closet.

Indeed, the child was tied in a car seat thatwas not his and he was in the closet without air conditioning.

How did Sydney discover it? She simply followed one of the daycare workerswho brought her to the closet.

Seeing her mother, the child then shouted"Mom".

The employee explained that he was put therebecause he did not want to take a nap.

Shocked by this situation and these words,the mother immediately contacted the police.

The police then conducted an investigationand found that the day care center did not have activity licenses and therefore the custodyof the children was illegal.

In addition, putting a child at risk by lockingthem in a closet without air conditioning was of particular concern to the police whofound that this was not the first time a child had been in such a situation.

Three people from the illegal day care centerwere arrested, including Cynthia Human, 45, Mary Parette, 66, and Jennifer Parette, 26.

A reminder concerning the conditions for obtainingaccreditation by day-care centers has been done and parents are advised to check allthe legal information concerning nurseries and day-care centers in order to avoid suchmishaps as child abuse is a phenomenon that touches a large number of children aroundthe world.

Child abuse Indeed, child abuse, defined by the 1989 UNConvention on the Rights of the Child, refers to all forms of physical violence, abuse orbrutality, including abuse violence.

In particular, it is distinguished into fourtypes of abuse, including acts of physical abuse, gross neglect, abuse and acts of psychologicalabuse.

Like any type of aggression, a trauma is feltby the child which generally affects his physical and mental health and therefore his developmentand future relationships with others.

It will also be more prone to depression,smoking, obesity, violent and risky behavior, and alcoholism and substance abuse.

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