Trauma in Young Children & Families in Part C Programs – Part 2

The NCSI Social and Emotional Outcomes Cross-State Learning Collaborative is pleased to present a 2-part webinar series on Trauma Informed Practice (TIP) in Early Intervention.

The first webinar focused on the different types and impacts of trauma on a family including trauma from having a child in the NICU, dealing with separation, loss including family deaths as well changes in daycare providers.

This webinar focused on the behaviors seen in infants and toddlers at different ages when they have experienced trauma. We will think about typical responses, strategies to support the child as well as considerations for when to refer to mental health services.

We encourage you to view the webinar with your team/ colleagues and reserve 1.5 hours. Each webinar will be an hour, but afterwards we hope that you will use the discussion questions that we will provide to think more deeply about this material and how you can apply the material presented to your work.

Trauma SEO CSLC Handout –

You can view part 1 here:

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