Tripp Halstead’s parents were shocked by his passing

1. Tripp Halstead’s parents were shocked by his passing:

Tripp Halstead died last month at the age of 7. He suffered a traumatic brain injury when a tree limb fell on him at daycare in 2012 in Bartow County. His parents have been receiving messages from people around the world who followed his inspiring story for years. They plan to help to raise money for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, where doctors worked to save his life.

2. Organizers planning gun rally near state capitol:

Organizers across the country are encouraging people to bring unloaded rifles to a pro-gun rally this weekend. In Atlanta, supporters plan to gather outside the state capitol Saturday. The National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans is organizing the rallies. They’re doing it to counter a recent wave of student-led protests against gun violence. Atlanta organizers say they’re upset about a $6,700 security fee from the state. March For Our Lives organizers paid the fee for their rally last month. A spokesperson says they have no intention of paying.

3. Delta getting good feedback for policy changes after Parkland shooting:

A lot of retailers and companies around the country changed policies around guns following the Parkland shooting. Atlanta based Delta Airlines ended a discount for NRA members and now its CEO says the company is getting a lot of support for the decision. He says he received thousands of emails and about 75 percent of them were positive and backed Delta’s stance. In response to that, last month, state lawmakers dropped a jet-fuel tax break from a bill that would have benefited Delta.

4. Nasty weather could be headed our way:

Make sure you enjoy this beautiful spring day because Severe Weather Team 2 Meteorologist Karen Minton says things are about to change.

5. Check out the Dogwood Festival this weekend:

If you’re looking for something fun to do around town, check out the Dogwood Festival this weekend. Rain or shine, this event will feature live music, tons of food, games and good times. Check it out Saturday and Sunday at Piedmont Park.

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