This installation formed part of my final dissertation on the MA Art & Design in Education at UCL, Institute of Education. It developed from my experience working as an artist facilitator in a multi-sensory room and using multi-sensory activities when working in a daycare centre for adults with learning disabilities.

Perception is not simply a question of vision, but involves the whole body. If we erase spoken language, smell, tactility how we interact with objects and what sensations do these evoke? I am interested in the playfulness and pleasure of environments that allow an embodied experience.

The word ‘disability’ is often thought of in negative terms, and it relies on our understanding on what it means to be ‘able’. What is beyond binary modes of thought? Is there a way through a non-dualistic approach to include while acknowledging difference?

My work explores processes of making and my own sensory response to different materials, where I am actively engaging with a space.

Camera & Editing
Sarah McEvoy

FM3 Buddha Machine 2.0 – Designed and composed by Zhang Jian and Christiaan Virant

Special Thanks to Amalia Pascal

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