USVI Recovery – Little Blossom Daycare

Every blue tarp you see.

Is a home without a roof.

It's like it was a tornado entered the daycare.

I bowed my head, and I started to weep.

I wept because the day before we put so muchenergy and so much strength into getting the day care ready, and you know,I bowed my head and I said, 'God how are we gonna get through this?' Nervous a little bit? No, no, we've been waiting a longtime to actually get back to work and do something.

So we all excited, pumped up, ready to go.

So whatever they let me assist in, I'll be assistingas much as possible, they let me do.

I'll be right here.

We started by stripping away all of the damagedbuilding materials.

Drywall, tiled floors, wooden furniture, anything that could harbor black mold had to go.

It was an emotional process, but necessaryto keep the kids safe.

Once everything had been cleaned out and sanitized,it was time to rebuild.

The goal was to build a more resilient structure.

One that could stand up against future hurricanes.

By partnering with a local organization called'My Brother's Workshop' we were able to design a much stronger roof that uses hurricane straps,rafter blocking, pressure treated plywood, and 26 gauge galvalume.

To pick up this roof you'd need to pick upthe whole building.

Rebuilding the interior would have cost theLittles tens of thousands of dollars.

But because we're powered by volunteers, wewere able to do it for free.

We put in new walls, floors, and ceilings,working six days a week for seven straight weeks.

Once the work site was safe, we invited thekids to come in and help us paint.

Parent: I see a very very bright future forLIttle Blossom.

It's something the community needs.

A nice wholesome and loving place where youcan send your child to, and they feel safe, they feel loved and they are being nurtured.

This is resilience.

This is renewal.

This is recovery.

Source: Youtube