Weekly Vlog #7 Finding A Daycare! ⎮ ASL Stew Life

♪♪♪ Oh my goodness so cute! Oh happy Sunday.

Yeah, it's almost like three in the afternoon, but sorry this morning was kind of a bad morning to be honest.

A lot was going on! I was very emotional.

Maybe I'll talk more later.

I don't know, but right now I don't want to talk about it.

But anyways, I feel better.

Oh these two, taking a nap.

Obviously Mikko just sleeps a lot.

Jenna hasn't been feeling the best.

So just kind of having some down time.

Obviously I'm watching them because sleeping together is not necessarily the safest thing ever but they're doing fine.

I'm just sitting right here.

But anyways, I am sewing diapers and just kind of chilling out.

Happy Sunday! ♪♪♪ Well that insert is dirty now.

I'll just stuff it inside, it will be fine.

I finally got new cloth diapers.

Sorry today I haven't really vlogged much it was a really bad day and I don't want to talk about it.

I'm gonna open it and see what's inside.

It was suppose to come Tuesday but I thought let me just check and see.

Maybe see when they shipped out.

I thought they would come tomorrow, so I checked and it said they were on the front porch.

I was like "oh wow".

I didn't even realize it.

So yay! ♪♪♪ Mikko has been farting a lot.

As you can see we have 11 diapers.

I think there are a lot of inserts which is really nice.

We can double them if we need to.

Maybe, possibly replace the old ones with the new ones.

See if that helps with absorbency.

One of Jenna's co-workers mentioned that sometimes if you get used inserts, they become less absorbent.

Maybe we can switch those out and see if that helps.

So anyways, woo, I'm so excited! These kind of helped to improve my day a bit.

So now I have less laundry.

♪♪♪ Somebody got their arm out of the swaddle.

He does it like every night and we swaddle him really tight.

So I don't know.

Maybe we're gonna have to try a different swaddle, like a blanket itself.

Put him in that.

See if that works The Halo one we have is not working.

I don't know.

Do you guys have that problem? What do you do? Do we need a new Halo? Maybe this one just doesn't work.

Okay, it's like 4:20ish.

He's gonna wake up soon.

He actually just went to sleep a little while ago.

Like maybe 15, 20 minutes ago, but we need to wake him up.

I mean I might let him sleep a little bit before I actually wake him up to change and feed him.

We're trying a new swaddling technique because like I said, his Halo sleep sack, the swaddle one, seems like he just pops out of it like all the time.

So we're gonna try using the swaddle blanket, like I said before.

But we'll see.

But it's a different technique from the Mom's On Call.

I'm curious, have any of you used that Mom's On Call sleep schedule? Anyone?? I'm still considering it, but Jenna said no because he's too young and that's what the pediatrician said.

But I'm still kind of.

I don't know.

We'll see.

But right now just doing some editing and stuff like that.

Just chilling out.

♪♪♪ So sorry, I have not filmed at all today.

and it's Tuesday.

I don't think.

I'm not even sure what I filmed yesterday to be totally honest.

I've just had a few odd days.

Very anxiety ridden and a lot of stress and just a lot happening.

I'm trying to change my plans and all of that.

So a lot is going on.

I might explain later but there's just.

hold on.

I was looking at the lens and part of it looked like it was chipped off, but it's just light.

Anyways, right now Mikko has a new swaddle we're trying.

I think it's called the Luv To Dream.

It's suppose to be better because his arms are up.

Almost like a transition swaddle but he just really doesn't like having his arms down to his sides.

He doesn't like that and he tends to get them out.

So we're trying to see if this is helpful to self soothe.

But we're testing it now.

♪♪♪ – It was better before.

♪♪♪ He was sleeping and then I ate a little bit and then he woke up and freaked out and then he spit up and I had to take him out and clean him up and try and see if he's gonna be awake or asleep.

I don't know.

Seems awake now.

No problem.

♪♪♪ Ugh, okay right now it's Wednesday.

Have I even vlogged this week? I have no idea.

My brain is so gone.

But right now we're just doing some play time and he looks really excited.

So far today he as been crying.

He won't let me put him down.

If I do, then he cries.

So it's been a crazy morning.

I'm a little bit, kind of anxious, because tomorrow I'm going to a potential daycare for him.

Going back to work, coming around July.

I'm just crying because I don't even want to send him to daycare.

Hopefully we can figure something out, but we shall see.

Anyways, enjoy this! ♪♪♪ Oh.

right now Mikko's in his bassinet.

It's 8:30p and I have to stay awake for a video call I have at 9:30p.

But anyways um.

(sighs) I'm like.

ugh cause they say we should let him cry it out a little bit, up to five minutes and I cannot take this past two minutes, maybe three minutes.


Then I'm like "Okay I need to go take care of him.

" He's crying and I just can't handle it.

(sighs) I'm gonna have to get over it, I know but it's just so hard.

Hello! It's Thursday.

Here's Mikko.

As per usual he's in a carrier.

I just recently ordered a new type of carrier.

Similar to this, but easier to put on.

So we shall see.

We'll test it and see.

It's a different type.

Might like it, might not.

If not then I'll just return it.

But it's suppose to be a lot easier to put him in.

So we're gonna try that.

But he is out.

It's like noon or something.

I've just been cleaning the house, trying to get everything ready because we have family coming this weekend.

They're staying at a hotel, but coming here to the house.

So I'm trying to clean up a little bit.


today I went to my first daycare.

It's an in home type of daycare.

Kind of check it out and see.

I really liked it.

The place seemed really nice.

It's clean.

The woman is really sweet and her husband and I think somebody else.

But I really like it.

Tomorrow I'm going to be going to another daycare.

Kind of same in home daycare situation.

So we shall see if I like both or either one and then maybe we can pick one if we like it.

He's been doing really well.

He didn't cry pretty much until on the way home.

So that was pretty good.

So far he's been doing fine.

This morning he did really well.

Slept well.

Yeah, getting better.

Back to work while he's sleeping.

♪♪♪ Someone has been crabby all day and is only happy when I'm holding him.

I thought we'll give him a bath.

That should help calm him down, but NO! He was already crabby before, but went in and he was okay.

Kind of calmed down and then just lost it.

Of course he was just bawling again.

So we're feeding him and hopefully that will calm him down and help him to sleep nicely.

Hopefully he'll pass out and be tired.

Ugh Good morning, it's Friday.

This week really haven't done much filming cause Mikko's been kind of fussy.

Sometimes he's good, but then sometimes definitely not.

So he's been all over the place.

He's a baby.

But it is Friday! Jenna's family is coming.

her step-mom and dad.

They'll be coming over.

We'll see them this weekend.

I don't know if we'll be filming much with them because they're not as used to filming, but we'll see.

I am seeing the second daycare today.

Going to Jenna's work for lunch.

Anyways, doing that and.

yeah just getting some cleaning done and everything ready for them to come.

They're not actually staying here.

They're staying at a hotel, but we still have to clean up and try and get all that.

So we shall see what happens! ♪♪♪ Hello, here's Mikko.

Having a good night.

♪♪♪ Help Oh finally! It's been five minutes of me just fiddling with the camera cause I only have one hand and I can't sign when I have one hand.

That's life with a baby and one handed you can't sign and you can't hold the camera.

Vlogging issues of signing vloggers.

Different life.

He is so cute! Go down.

Anyways, it's Saturday night.

Her dad and step-mom came, but like I said we didn't vlog with them just because we're not as comfortable filming them as with her mom.


hopefully we'll film some tomorrow.

We're gonna go to um.

maybe a museum and brunch.

I don't know how well he'll do but yeah it's been a really long day.

Don't know if I really filmed anything today.

I'm not even sure.

Sorry But I went to the daycare place, the second one and I actually really liked it.

I'd say if we decide to do one of the daycares, I'd probably pick that place.

It was clean.

Woman was really sweet and I liked her a lot.

Before that I went over to Jenna's work for lunch.

Had her co-workers pass around the baby, you know.

So it was a really long day and sorry I didn't film much.

But oh well, that's life right? So now he is going to sleep but he'll probably wake up soon.

Stop Yeah, trying to do a lot of things this week but this one's been a little fussy and not letting me be as productive as I'd like, but that's okay.

Life goes on.

Oh, and we just clipped his nails.

Team work.


So cute.

Good night.

See you tomorrow! Hey! It is Saturday.

Hopefully we'll film more today.

We shall see.


he's done really well.

He slept about four hours.

Woke up once.

Gave him his pacifier and then he went back to sleep.

Then about 3am, I'd say about five hours.

Then he slept again till about 7am.

He woke up once and I gave him his pacifier and then woke up at 7am.

So did really good! Yes you did! He just woke up again.

I tried to put him down.

He only went for about 20 minutes.

But I'm trying to stuff a bunch of diapers.

I just put a bunch of diapers.

I have three cloth diapers in there.

I do have a few extra disposables if we really need them.

But I have three bottles and.

I think I need to put in some spit-up rags and a swaddle.

I have two onesies, and one sleeper.

He wants his pacifier.

You'll be okay.

Somebody just woke up.

Like I said, just getting everything ready.

Cleaning up, getting the bottles, and all of that.

He's been doing really good! ♪♪♪ We're at the brewery for some lunch and beer.

Mikko's done really well.

He pretty much passed out.

Noise didn't bother him at all.

He did really good.

Yeah, we're with her step-mom and dad and like I said, he's done really good.

What time is it? Maybe we should change him before we head out.

What do you think? Yeah we can do that.

We will change him in the car.

♪♪♪ We're at another brewery.

Just got some beer and watching Mikko.

Going into Target.

Need to buy a wok.

Just met with Jenna's step-mom and dad for breakfast.

Did that, did grocery shopping, and realized we need a wok.

So I need to go into Target which is next door.

So we'll see if they have it.

Plus I'm trying to find a shirt.

So we'll see if they have it.

I don't know.

Passed out.

♪♪♪ You didn't find anything? Maybe you can do to Wegmans and see if they have one.

Well he's sleeping so you can just pull over there and check there and come back.

So Target did not have the wok or the shirt I wanted.

So I'm walking over to Wegmans again to see if they have one.

We'll see! Hello! Right now I'm making dinner which is stir fry.

I'm chopping up a pablano pepper.

As you can see I have gloves because this is hot and if I chop it up with my hands and then even if I wash them, still I will burn something.

I have burned multiple places on my body and it does not feel good.

So gloves.

Yeah, safety first.

Just put Mikko down in his crib just for a short nap.

He woke up like ten minutes later, but we just put him in his crib and I'll include a picture here.

Yeah, so that means he's a big boy right? He's almost two months old now.

Like seven weeks, a little over that.

I don't know.

But like I said, we're just testing it to see how it goes.

♪♪♪ Now sauce.

♪♪♪ Soy ♪♪♪ Hoisin ♪♪♪ Ginger ♪♪♪ Garlic ♪♪♪ Some leftover roasted red peppers, why not.

♪♪♪ and some Siracha.


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